A Guide to Comparing Boxing Betting Odds

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Boxing betting odds can be really confusing, but if you want to bet on a fight, you need to understand and be able to compare the different types of odds. This guide will take you through the process of calculating odds and what some betting terminology means. 

Calculating Probability 

When you look at odds that are displayed as a fraction – 5/1, for example – it is reflecting the probability of the event happening. In the case of the odds 5/1, the probability or percentage is the second number (1, in this case), divided by the first number + the second number (5+1, in this case).

What this means is that 5/1 is calculated as 1 ÷ (5+1) = 0.83. What this means is there is an 83% chance that this outcome will take place. 

Knowing what the probability of an outcome is can help when you’re doing a sports betting odds comparison. However, you don’t need to make these calculations every time. Simply having an idea as to what the probability is can be enough. 

Calculating How Much You Could Win 

The odds given to a certain outcome will tell you how much you could win. Take a 5/1 bet, for example. This simply means that if you win the bet, for every $1 that you bet you will win $5. So in total, you’ll get back $6 – your $5 of winnings plus the original $1 that you wagered.

Here are a few examples of some other odds and potential wins: 

  • 6/1 – for every $1 that you bet, you will win $6
  • 10/1 – for every $1 that you bet, you will win $10

The higher the odds, the less chance there is of the proposed outcome. However, if luck is on your side, you will receive a much larger payout. 

Different Ways of Betting on Boxing Matches 

– Round betting

This type of betting involves you trying to pick the winner of a fight, as well as picking in which specific round he will win. This is one of the hardest bets to make, and you really need to know a lot about the boxers involved. 

– Method of victory

Method of victory refers to whether the match will be won by knockout (or “KO”), by points, or end in a draw. This way of betting is quite specific, but the odds tend to be quite good. Just be aware that a knockout could happen at any moment. If you’ve bet on a knockout, and it happens in any round, you have won your bet. 

– Round group betting

In round group betting, you have the opportunity to select a group of rounds in which your boxer will knock out the opponent. If you’re pretty confident that a KO will occur, but you aren’t sure enough about which specific round it will happen, this can be a good bet to place. While the odds are never too high, you can still win. However, round group betting tends to only be offered in bigger fights. 

– Total rounds

Occasionally known as “Over or Under” betting, all you need to do is bet on whether you think a fight will last longer or shorter than the specific round that the betting site offers. 

Sometimes, the sportsbook lists a round-and-a-half as the over/under line. For example, if round 6.5 is given, you need to decide whether the fight will finish before or after 1 minute and 30 seconds of the seventh round. 

– Going the distance

This is quite a simple bet to place. It refers to whether you think the fight will last all of the scheduled rounds – in other words, that there won’t be a knockout.  

– Boxing specials

Boxing specials only tend to be available for hugely popular fights. You could, for example, bet on whether one boxer will receive a certain number of cuts but go on to win the round. 

There are usually many different combinations on offer, and this type of bet can be a lot of fun. You might not always win, but half the fun is having the possibility of a win. 

So as you can see, boxing betting odds can be somewhat complicated from time to time. However, they can also be quite lucrative. Before you place you hard-earned money on a fight, make sure that you research the boxers involved, and compare the odds given by different betting sites so that you have a better chance of winning.