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Errol Spence Jr. reveals second car crash, says he gets PTSD flashbacks

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After his first horrific smash, Errol Spence Jr. confirmed a second car accident and says he’s now got PTSD flashbacks from the events.

The welterweight champion detailed the shocking happening just three months after he almost lost his life.

Spence was the sole occupant as his Ferrari Spider spun in the air when traveling at high speed. Amazingly, he walked away with a few scrapes and bumps.

This time around, “The Truth” explained he wasn’t at fault. However, his insurance company was not happy at having to pay out over half a million dollars.

Subsequently, Spence got dropped by the company in an unsurprising turn of events.

“I got into another accident three months after my accident,” Spence told presenter Kate Abdo on The Good Fight.

“Somebody hit me from behind. It shook me up a little bit, but it’s really hard to just really get like, I’m always even keel.

“So, it shook me up, like, ‘that’s messed up.’ But like my insurance company kicked me off my insurance because it was a G-Wagon.

“It was like, ‘He messed up a Ferrari.’ And then I had a [Mercedes] G-Wagon, four-by-four. So, they came out of [paying] like $600,000 in five or six months because they paid me outright for both cars.

“Yeah, they kicked me out of the insurance.”

Errol Spence Jr. car crash

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Revealing his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from the accidents, Spence added: “When I was driving like I’d have different flashes of like a car just running into me while I’ll be at a red light.

“I’d just have flashes of a car hitting me and getting in car crashes all the time when I was just driving down the street or at a red light or anything.

“So yeah, definitely, PTSD is definitely a real thing because I was just having flashes all of like getting in accidents 24/7.

“I still have them sometimes, like when I’m driving.”

Spence is just over a week from his next attempt at winning a world title when he faces Yordenin Ugas on April 16.

Three versions of the welterweight belts will be on the line as the pound-for-pound star pushes towards a possible undisputed unification with Terence Crawford.

Two things need to happen for the fight to become a reality. One, Ugas must be defeated. And two, Crawford has to sign with Al Haymon.

We could see both results at the AT & T Stadium in Texas.

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