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10 Things Students Can Learn From Boxing

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What do studying and professional sports have in common? Not much, at a first glance. And what about studying and boxing? You’d think even less. But here we come to surprise you. Perseverance, grit, work rather than talent. All of these describe both academic and athletic excellence. And boxing is an intellectual strategic sport, not a simple physical strength application as some might think. That is why we all, and firstly students, can learn a lot from this impressive sport. 

Let’s talk about 10 best aspects of boxing students can learn from.

  • Talent Doesn’t Determine Your Success Chances 

Often students with shy or introverted personalities get discouraged when they see their more expressive peers with a seemingly natural inclination to a given subject. It is true, that we all get different proportions of talents. And one has it easy right away, whereas another has to roll up the sleeves and hustle until the skill sets. Both in boxing and in academia these two groups are quite visible in their baseline differences.

But beyond this entry point starts a real life with many days of tests and trials. Some natural sense of movement or speed would not help with the equally talented boxer. But days and months of training would. Talent alone without hard work wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Preparation Is Half of Performance 

Ever tried writing a paper by just taking a blank paper or passing an exam without opening a book prior? Bad idea. Maybe not as devastating as going on a ring unprepared and getting knocked down in the first minute, but still very uncomfortable.

It takes up to a year to go for a first fight and then from 3 to extreme 10 hours of training per day 5-6 times a week. Compare it to the popular approach of cramming a whole semester of material during the last night before the exam. Luckily for students, at least the written assignments can be saved from fiasco if you hire a college essay writer

  • Do Not Underestimate Your Opponent (Or A College Subject)

You probably saw typical colorful words exchange between the boxers before the fight. Trash talk is a way to distress the opponent and build up own thrill and moral for the combat. But it doesn’t mean that one fighter is not appreciating another’s skills and experience. So don’t be tricked into thinking that some funny-looking professor or an optional subject gives you the opportunity to ignore reality. It’s always better to treat the subjects to conquer as challenging by default.

  • Limit Distractions to Multiply Your Efficiency

What amazes about the boxing matches is the sharp contrast between the raging audience and focused fighters. You wouldn’t notice them looking into the crowd or even turning their head sideways. Maximum concentration on the opponent and the goal eliminates all the noise from outside. 

It is valid advice both for studying and passing exams. Multitasking is simply a waste of attention and energy. Do not spend these precious resources on the unnecessary. 

  • Hone Your Routines to Perfection

Those dance-like movements in the ring consist of tens and hundreds of smaller actions. If those micro steps were not ingrained perfectly in the muscle memory, fighting would have looked like fumbling in the dirt rather than an elegant flow of strength. 

Your college activities are built on the same principles. First, you embrace peculiar details like writing a paragraph before moving to an essay. And after several years of practicing most perseverant students would write a dissertation. It’s a popular mistake among young people to go right for the big thing, jumping over the small routines. But many college paper writing services are so in demand exactly because of the students missing important first steps in their education.

  • Build Your Moral Before Strength

Your attitude defines your attention focus. And your concentration equals the volume of energy you’re putting toward your success. Boxers can’t go into a fight depressed or doubting. Neither should you lose belief in yourself in the middle of your efforts. Subject knowledge is very important but requires a good solid foundation that wouldn’t crumble after the first struggle.

  • Self-Control Would Bring You the Long Way 

Hotheads burn brightly but go down first. Self-control gives you the ability to think, analyze and make smarter choices. It’s not possible when overcome with emotions. Holding anger or impatience allows boxers to win more points and get a victory on their conditions. Be smart in your student life choices. Do not flank the classes that seem boring. Don’t drop out of the difficult ones either. Wait it out, show up as long as possible before a better time for an educated decision comes your way.

Boxing 2021 Heavyweight

  • Strategize Like a Chess Player – Act Fast Like a Boxer

Intellectual strength expresses itself through various forms. Both chess and box require careful strategizing before the match and critical reflection afterwards. But in boxing there is no time for slow thinking. One has to be prepared in advance and go with gut feelings and experience to decide quickly on the spot.

Same works for complex decisions in student life too. It’s smart to research your options, try different path. But when an opportunity comes for an internship or a job, don’t hesitate to try it. It’ll boost your future career and help identify your true calling.

  • Nurture Resilience for Future Challenges

What box is teaching everyone interested is the grit and perseverance. In other words, by getting through hardships – of training or studying – we grow ourselves into stronger people. As life is tough no matter the occupation of your choice, growing one’s resilience to difficulties is a necessity for a healthy mind. 

  • It’s Not a Failure If You Get Up 

Probably the most popular quote by Mohammed Ali reinsures that the hardest punch is not defining your story if you manage to get up again and go on with your life. Failed exam, poor grade on an essay, even an unpleasant understanding of the wrong choice of a college or profession are not that dramatic until you keep trying to find your own way.

Even if you are not a box lover, you surely respect the efforts and will the sportsmen put into their careers. And these are both transferable and replicable skills for other life areas, including academic performance. Box teaches how to build character and resilience, which is crucial for student life and future professional development.