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Home » Gervonta Davis branded ‘a bully’ for not facing the top lightweights

Gervonta Davis branded ‘a bully’ for not facing the top lightweights

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Gervonta Davis continues to face criticism over what gets perceived as an elevated position due to facing lesser foes.

According to his next opponent, Davis doesn’t have the power his promoters portray and faces opponents outside his weight class.

Rolando Romero is not impressed by Davis as the mandatory challenger prepares for a shot at the WBA secondary title.

Davis defends his belt on May 28th, and Romero stands convinced the Pay Per View star is not as good as people think.

“I think he just bullies a bunch of small dudes and weight-drained opponents like Pedraza and Barrios,” Romero told The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

“He fights dudes like Santa Cruz and a torn-Achilles Gamboa. So I don’t think he’s that big of a puncher.

“I just think he’s explosive. He gets these people that just stand there in front of him. They’re smaller than him, so it’s only obvious he will knock them out.”

On his Tank’s victory over Isaac Cruz, Romero added: “I mean Tank, he didn’t perform as well that fight, but many people say like Isaac Cruz won the fight and all that stuff.

“I don’t think [Cruz] won the fight. I believe Tank won that fight convincingly regardless of his performance.

“It’s just he had a difficult fight with some dude that he thought he could get out of there and couldn’t get out of there. And Tank, I don’t think he’s as big of a puncher as people think.


Discussing what the fight against Davis means to him, Romero told Custer: “Well, it’s a legacy fight, as simple as that. It’s a legacy fight. It’s just to really cement myself into the history of boxing.

“To become a mega-star. I’m already a star. I wouldn’t be on this platform if I weren’t a star. But now it’s to become a next-level star.

“I just know, I see things. I see things other people don’t see. But I go into something without any bit of doubt in my mind.

“It’s just for sure for me. That’s all it is, for sure. And when I see something, that’s for sure I put everything I got into it.”

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If he sees Floyd Mayweather pushing Davis more than other fighters, Romero stated: “No, to put it, he like signed when he was like 13, 14 fights. I have 14 fights right now.

“He has twice as many fights as me. It’s only logical that he’s more popular than me. [The beef] has nothing to do with any of that stuff.

“It’s just I want to be on the fast track. I put myself on the fast track, simple as that.”

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