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Home » Scandal branded Victor Conte trades with Errol Spence Jr. on drug testing

Scandal branded Victor Conte trades with Errol Spence Jr. on drug testing

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Errol Spence Jr. got into it with scandal-branded former BALCO boss Victor Conte on drug testing for his clash with Yordenis Ugas on April 16.

Conte questioned whether VADA Testing was present for the welterweight unification as he couldn’t find any evidence.

The founder of Balco, who served four months of prison time after pleading guilty to ‘conspiracy to distribute steroids’ in 2005, aired his doubts on social media.

“I directly asked Errol Spence Jr., Yordenis Ugas, and TGB promotions if they are doing VADA. I asked twice, and no response,” said Conte.

“They may be doing VADA. So why the secrecy?”

The Snac System creator then asked ESPN’s Timothy Bradley if he could shed any light on the situation.

“I respect you as a truth speaker in boxing. Can you possibly think of a reason Errol Spence Jr. and Yordenis Ugas would not be willing to say whether or not they are doing random drug testing for their fight?

“As a clean boxing advocate, I believe in transparency. Thoughts?”


Bradley didn’t respond. However, Spence himself did: “I been in VADA testing for every fight since kell brook.

“Dude [Victor Conte] is a clown who ruined lives and dreams of other athletes who went against the athletes he gave PEDs to.”

In response, Conte felt compelled to clear up what he was charged with and pleaded guilty to in the case.

“Much respect to Errol Spence Jr. for clarifying his history with VADA Testing. I recently posted that ‘they may be doing VADA.

“The history for PBC boxers is not to allow VADA to be transparent. Why the secrecy? Generally, PBC boxers are not posted by VADA.

“Boxers with Top Rank and DAZN are posted [on social media for clarification].”

Spence has been involved in random testing since becoming a champion as an IBF and then WBC and IBF welterweight titleholder.

Add to that the fact that to hold a WBC belt. You have to be enrolled in the Clean Boxing Program.

Victor Conte


After accepting Spence’s explanation, Conte then moved on to defending himself further against the allegations made by the Texan.

“Let’s, please put the rat and snitch nonsense to bed once and for all. For those unable to open the New York Times article, here is the L.A. Times’ confirmation of no cooperation by me in the BALCO case against any athletes or anyone else.

“Seems a need for clarification to Errol Spence Jr. and others in the boxing. I did not cooperate with the government in the BALCO case.

“But I gave no testimony or evidence against athletes. I accepted full consequences and prison time. Truth is important,” he stated.

In the L.A. Times articles shared by Conte, part of it read: “The founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, accused of supplying performance-enhancing drugs to dozens of elite athletes, said he has agreed to plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy to distribute steroids. Also, a single count of laundering a portion of a check.”

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