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Home » ‘Gervonta Davis is using court cases to avoid Pay Per View fight’

‘Gervonta Davis is using court cases to avoid Pay Per View fight’

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Gervonta Davis uses hit and run and battery charges to avoid fighting in his latest Pay Per View event on May 28th in New York.

That’s according to Mayweather Promotions star Rolando Romero.

Romero made the accusation stemming from charges filed against Davis, who got named the culprit in an accident in 2020.

The next court appearance had a date this month. Davis faces up to seven years in jail if found guilty.


“The Boxer Formely Known as Rolly,” said: “Tank is like ‘I hope I get arrested for that hit and run.’

“[I’ve] never seen a mf so excited to go to jail to avoid this beating,” he added.

Meanwhile, Romero – accused of a crime himself when someone made sexual assault claims against him in 2021, spoke out.

Since cleared of any wrongdoing, Romero got forced to delay the fight with Davis due to the allegations.

Missing out on a sizeable Pay Per View paycheck, Romero had to regroup until Mayweather Promotions rearranged the fight date for May 28th of this year.

Now, months on, Romero says he knows why the accusations happened in the first place.

“(Money). Simple as that. Just that,” Romero told Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast.

“It makes sense for one thing because if it were for something else, it would’ve happened sooner, correct?

“It happened literally during the biggest moment of my entire life, the moment of my life where I’m supposed to make an abundance of money and create a legacy for myself.

“And I think it’s sad I had to go through that. Other celebrities and athletes go through it all the time, even though a lot of this stuff.

“I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m not saying everyone is a saint — but when it comes to money 99% of the time, I think it’s bull.”


Romero held a nickname before the attempted derailment of his career. Since then, he’s referred to himself as ‘The Boxer Formerly Known as Rolly.’

There are no plans in the pipeline to alter this new moniker.

“They have tainted my name, my image. So I have to re-brand myself now,” he explained.

“So now you have to say the whole damn thing. You can’t just say ‘Rolly.’ You have to say ‘The Boxer Formerly Known as Rolly,’ or ‘The Boxer’ for short.”

Rolly Romero
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Promoter Floyd Mayweather didn’t delve too much into the accusations made against Romero at any time. He did stand by his young star, though.

The same goes for Gervonta Davis with his hit and run. Also, further charges from accusations of battery at a basketball game. They will be heard on May 18th.

But Mayweather shows loyalty between him and Davis. Romero hopes to reciprocate by selling a mass of sales and gate receipts and winning the fight.

The event goes down on May 28th, live on Pay Per View.

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