Ryan Garcia an overwhelming favorite to defeat Emmanuel Tagoe

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia makes his comeback from personal problems next month, although fraction crunchers don’t see a threat from Emmanuel Tagoe.

Eyebrows got raised when Garcia targets the top names in the division only to confirm a fight with Tagoe for April 9th.

A quick look at the top betting markets for the fight tells you, Garcia is the overwhelming favorite to win.

Garcia’s claims that he’s facing a ‘legitimate contender’ may fall on deaf ears.


“I’m very excited. It’s been a long time. Tagoe is a legitimate contender. I have nothing but respect for him,” said Garcia.

“He has a big opportunity here. He’s been looking for a tough fight, a fight that will make or break him. I am looking forward to a dog fight if it happens to be one.

“I am definitely not looking past him, whether people think he is a good contender or not, and I respect him, and I know this will be a good fight.”

On his mindset going into the fight, Garcia added: “I have been boxing my whole life. I know what it takes. I know the discipline you need, the sacrifices you have to make.

“What makes me feel confident is all the experience I have in the ring; over 200 amateur fights, 21 professionals, and some top training camps.

“I feel very comfortable and confident. I know whoever is in front of me will not be easy, that’s for sure. If it’s a quick or a long fight, I am ready for whatever.”


Tagoe knows he has nothing to lose when taking on Garcia after a long layoff.

“I want to thank my promoter Lou DiBella and manager Peter Khan for giving me this opportunity to showcase myself to everyone. I know people don’t know me, but after this fight, people will ask, who is this guy!?

“I know Ryan Garcia, I respect him a lot as a good boxer, but he is not my style.”

Ryan Garcia Emmanuel Tagoe


Promoter Oscar De La Hoya says Garcia a raring to go despite being out for over a year.

“For Tagoe, to lose his professional debut and have an undefeated record after that for many years shows that he has tasted defeat, but he doesn’t want to taste it again, which makes him very, very dangerous.

“Ryan has been off for 15 months, and we are glad that he is back. He is healthy and ready to go, but he knows that this is not a walk in the park.

“Ghana has some amazing boxing history with Azumah Nelson and Ike Quartey. I know it’s going to be a really good fight.

“I know both guys are going to be ready. Both guys will get into the ring with nothing to lose and with everything to lose.

“If there is someone who knows fighters like Tagoe, it’s me. I can see it in his eyes.”