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Home » Deontay Wilder coach Malik Scott loses to MMA star in Russia

Deontay Wilder coach Malik Scott loses to MMA star in Russia

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Deontay Wilder coach Malik Scott got back in the ring for the first time in six years as the American traveled to Russia last week for his return.

Since losing to Luis Ortiz in 2016, Scott concentrated on training other fighters and joined forces with Wilder in 2020.


Credited for improving Wilder for his trilogy with Tyson Fury in the 2021 Fight of the Year, Scott accepted an offer for an exhibition comeback.

The fight quickly became notorious for two reasons, though. One is that “The Odd Guy” traveled to Russia during the war on Ukraine. And two, for the shocking verdict at the end.

Despite looking sharp and controlling a lot of the contest, Russian MMA legend Sergey Kharitonov saw his hand raised. Scott even dropping Kharitonov with a beautiful body shot wasn’t enough to sway the scores his way.

After the fight, Kharitonov gave Scott credit for his performance.

“It was very difficult. My previous fights ended in the first round and the third or fourth. Malik Scott is a very serious opponent,” said Kharitonov.

“Malik Scott is a machine. I knew who I was going to fight, but I always go only forward,” he added.


Scott said: “Felt good being back under the lights last night. It’s been almost seven since the last time I gloved up. It’s been four years since the last time I did some serious sparring.

“When your always busy teaching the craft and learning the craft, it keeps you in some kind of good physical shape.

“Wins, losses, disappointments, etc. I’m grateful for every experience and lesson that comes from this noble art.”

Commenting on the journey back as Russia waged war in Ukraine, Scott stated: “Just landed back on U.S soil with the only man the was crazy enough to go all the way to Russia with me last minute during these times. Andrew Stafford, Thanks for joining me on this journey, brother, and thanks for assisting me with whatever I needed.

“Life is about Giving thanks, striving, providing for those you care for, creating memories, and ostracizing the opinions of human beings.”

Questions on whether Scott should have gone through with the fight, given the situation, remain.

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