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Home » Adrien Broner to possibly pregnant fling, ‘You’ll be a great single mother!’

Adrien Broner to possibly pregnant fling, ‘You’ll be a great single mother!’

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Adrien Broner caused gasps on Instagram when responding to a woman he had a brief fling with during the last few weeks.

Broner blew off the advances of a female, claiming he is the father of a pregnancy resulting from their time together.

The former four-weight world champion, who has one victory in five years, made the ‘baby daddy’ drama public to his followers.

A woman contacted Broner to say she thinks she’s carrying his child. Broner didn’t react too kindly to her, stating he should have pulled out.

The message back was brutal to the female as Broner wished her luck as a single parent.

Part of what was said cannot get repeated, but some of it said: “I see something in you that you probably don’t see in yourself.

“I know you will make a great single mother. And that’s why I did what I did. You got this!”

It’s another indication of where Broner’s situation continues to trouble fans as he lays his dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

The last time out, it was more calamities with yet another woman as Broner takes heat from all directions.

Since winning his first fight in years, ‘The Problem’ maintains that nickname outside the ring.

Adrien Broner


From joining eighteen plus websites, posting Super Bowl drug-taking, to throwing shade at Gervonta Davis, Broner topped it with yet another spell in the hospital earlier this month.

Broner was filmed in a wheelchair looking out of it as problems with substance abuse continue to dog the fighter.

Since leaving the medical facility, Broner has been active on his channels. At the same time, he hasn’t seemed altogether there in some of his posts.

This scenario will be a significant factor in bout offers drying up after interest from Conor Benn and Jessie Vargas.

Adrien Broner show

In other news, Adrien Broner is making some moves towards the right. He is to promote a show full of young talent in June.

Sadly, Broner will not appear himself, though.

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