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Gervonta Davis, Floyd Mayweather split looms ahead of free agency

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Gervonta Davis could become the most lucrative free agent in boxing after the Pay Per View star confirmed reports of a disagreement with Floyd Mayweather.

On Thursday, World Boxing News aired the possibility of trouble in paradise between Davis and Mayweather. As it turns out, Davis put out information that clarifies something is going down.

In now-deleted tweets, Davis responded to a fan asking if there were rumblings in the background with Mayweather Promotions.

They said: “Ok, Gervonta Davis, I’ve given you a lot of [expletive] about Mayweather Promotions keeping you in house.

“Seems like you’re starting to see it. Don’t let them ruin what could be a fantastic career if you take some chances. You have talent. Show it.”

Davis responded by confirming his time with Mayweather is coming to an end.

“My contract is up. That’s why they want me to fight this clown [Rolando Romero] so bad.”

He added: “Lol, don’t start this [expletive].”

WBN speculated that Davis’s messages on his channels pointed to a serious rift. His gripe on ticket sales is just the tip of the iceberg.

“They put my tickets on sale one month before like I’m Michael Jackson or something. That ain’t gone work.”


Since November, the situation seems to be escalating when Davis told Brian Custer Floyd Mayweather was keeping him fighting in-house for now.

“They’re saying Mayweather Promotions protect me and not let me fight top fighters,” Davis told The Last Stand Podcast.

“Whoever is in the top four, I don’t know who they’re talking about, but name somebody that is fighting the top whoever.

“You don’t see any other top fighters fighting top guys. I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

“It’ll probably happen next year or the year after that. I don’t know, but don’t just put everything on me and say I’m not fighting top guys.

“The only guy that fought somebody but didn’t want to give him his rematch [to Lomachenko] is Teofimo. He didn’t even know he was going to beat him.

Floyd Mayweather Gervonta Davis


“I don’t even want to talk about him because I don’t want to give anybody else press but name the other top guys fighting top guys. Y’all keep saying, ‘Gervonta, Gervonta, Gervonta.’ I’m doing the [pay-per-view] numbers and not even saying I’m fighting top guys.

“I’m not fighting the guys you all want me to fight. That’s why you all keep screaming out my name, that’s why.

“That’s the only thing I can say because nobody else is fighting top guys. Name them if they’re fighting. It’s nobody.

“What’s the guy [Haney] that is going to fight right before me [on Dec. 4]. JoJo [Diaz] is not a top guy. He’s not.”

Floyd Mayweather will have to move fast to secure the future of Davis before other offers come pouring in for ‘Tank.’

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