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Mike Tyson is the coolest man in the room when someone pulls a gun

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Mike Tyson recently took in a comedy show when the joke teller pulled out a gun without ruffling the former heavyweight champion’s feathers.

In one of the strangest videos you will see, Tyson was front row watching the session on stage when things turned sour.

Tyson, to his credit, looked as though he’d seen tons of firearms before and seemingly laughed off the whole charade.

In the end, he even hugged the guy.

Summing up some of the things going on right now in a poignant social media post, Tyson said: “This is not a tough man’s world; it’s a thinking man’s world.

“We should always deal with adversity. Without a struggle, there’s no progress.

“I believe in humanity. People want to do good, but some people just can’t do it.

“Being tough doesn’t work in the real world, outside of boxing. You gotta be smart.”


Great words from Tyson that grace his feed on the daily. A deflection from the ridiculous rumors that he could fight a YouTuber at some point.

Mike Tyson is retired. He’s made that pretty clear. However, he would undoubtedly fight again if someone waved one billion dollars in his face.

They could have to guarantee that money, though. This scenario is due to his record-breaking return against Roy Jones Jr. turning out to be a pain in the payment department.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” had to chase up the paycheck from the draw after selling over one million Pay Per Views in his first event for fifteen years.

Mike is still chilling, though. It must be those ‘Mike Bites’ he’s munching on these days.

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