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Home » Crazy odds reveal bookies also thought Jack Catterall beat Josh Taylor

Crazy odds reveal bookies also thought Jack Catterall beat Josh Taylor

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World Boxing News delved a little deeper into the robbery that is Jack Catterall beating Josh Taylor and made an unbelievable discovery.

Bookmakers around the United Kingdom who offer odds on the verdict given by judges allow betting to take place right up until the scores.

Due to the clear-cut nature of the victory, the fractions of Catterall losing to Taylor stood at a staggering 1/50.

Number crunchers would offer you 33/1 that Taylor won the fight, making the actual scorecards challenging to swallow.

Everyone knows Taylor didn’t win that fight, probably except his team and the man himself. Taylor continues to polarize audiences with his responses on social media.

One of those was telling Catterall to “call the police” and stop crying over his unfathomable loss. Those moves have not adhered Taylor to the public.

The former champion [in WBN’s eyes as Taylor got removed from the list of titleholders] responded to one fan who stated that Taylor didn’t win and also that he and Jack know it.

Taylor responded: “Incorrect on both counts,” before adding, “I sleep like a baby,” when someone stated, “Despite what you say when you put your head on your pillow at night, you know.”

Jack Catterall beats Josh Taylor Pound for Pound
Lawrence Lustig


The fact Josh Taylor won’t admit he lost or give Catterall any real credit is damaging his already fragile reputation. Brushes with the law previously and his inability to see the bigger Covid picture have given Taylor a marmite situation regarding his personality.

On its face, that’s unlikely to alter anytime soon as Taylor contemplates moving up in weight.

In addition, the fact that Taylor is stubbornly yet to relinquish the titles over the result in Glasgow is another showing of the dislike some people take in him.

He’s unwavering in his admissions over the loss and seems to be keeping the belts close so he can make a point.

In saying that – Catterall won’t even be able to fight for at least two of the straps that he won that night. The WBA and WBO both made rulings that pushed the Chorley man out of contention.

The WBA named Alberto Puello their mandatory. At the same time, the WBO amazingly dropped Catterall to three in the ratings. Despite WBN and The Ring placing Catterall above Taylor after his triumph, this scenario came about.

On the face of it, boxing remains broken.

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