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Home » Floyd Mayweather doesn’t hit hard but his style is difficult, says Canelo

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t hit hard but his style is difficult, says Canelo

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Floyd Mayweather proved he’s the greatest of his generation, especially by defeating today’s pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez on his path.

That victory, and its decisiveness when Canelo was on the rise, is an unmistakable indication that Mayweather is his era’s best boxer.

Canelo has admitted Floyd Mayweather was a tough night for him in the past, even at the tender age of 23. However, the four-weight world champion states Mayweather’s infamous shoulder-rolling elusiveness is what sets him apart.

“Floyd Mayweather’s style is a style that’s very difficult,” explained Canelo in a video captured by FightHubTV. “He doesn’t hit hard or anything, but it’s really difficult to connect.

“It’s hard to get a good fight. It’s hard to get a really good fight.”

Asked if he learned a lot from sharing the ring with Mayweather over twelve rounds, Canelo added: “Yes, I did learn a lot.

“I learned more than anything else. That I don’t want to experiment with a defeat. I learned a lot, I learned a lot of things, and that is how I’ll keep going.”

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Speaking of Floyd Mayweather, Canelo was mentioned in the same breath by Jermell Charlo on a recent edition of The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

Charlo wanted the Canelo fight this year. He cited Mayweather’s win as an example of what he would do himself despite having his hands tied with a Brian Castano rematch.

“I sure wish I could be the guy to fight Canelo,” Charlo told Custer. “Canelo, come to 158. I can easily make 158.

“I’ll put a boxing lesson on him, just as great as Floyd Mayweather did. It’s time they put some respect on my name in the boxing world.”


The debate continues to rage as to who would have been victorious if Mayweather and Canelo met a couple of years later than 2013.

However, Floyd is a very shrewd operator. He would have certainly weighed up his chances of defeat and adjusted his plan accordingly.

Canelo took his lesson like a man and dusted himself off to become the number one fighter on the planet. You can’t argue with that.

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