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Home » Unverified images of massively overweight Billy Joe Saunders go viral

Unverified images of massively overweight Billy Joe Saunders go viral

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Billy Joe Saunders has put on a massive amount of weight since losing for the first time to Canelo Alvarez during the pandemic in May 2021.

That’s if you believe unverified photographs that have been shared widely on social media and turned into memes to the fullest extent by boxing fans.

The former super-middleweight champion could be another victim of a solid effort on photoshop as Saunders hasn’t officially gotten pictured since February 25th.

On the image pictured alongside one of his horses last month, Saunders does look like he’s pushing cruiserweight. However, not the super-heavyweight limit portrayed on the viral selfie taken in his car.

Saunders is closing in on a year out of the ring since landing the jackpot against Canelo in Texas. Over 70,000 people attended during one of the worst spells of Covid-19 in the world, breaking more than one record in the process.

Billy Joe Saunders fat weight

Canelo broke Saunders’ eye socket and closed the show in the mid-rounds. The Briton could no longer carry on and suffered his first career loss.

At the end of the fight, Canelo said the encounter went how he planned it, despite the fact some had Saunders up on the scorecards through seven rounds.

“No. The fight I was winning round-by-round. I told you, my fight would develop after six or seven rounds. But I started getting adjusted quickly.

“I knew that this [the eighth] would be the final round. But I knew it. I think I broke his cheek, and I knew he wouldn’t come out [for the ninth]. That was it.”


Since then, reports, the 32-year-old is ready to retire are forever in the media. Saunders himself admitted more than once that it certainly could be his last.

Talk of one more against Chris Eubank Jr. or another top contender at light-heavyweight for a three-weight world title bid wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility either.

But for now, BJS seems to be content living his life and enjoying downtime. Weight for not, Billy Joe Saunders could still have one more fight left in him yet.

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