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Home » George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney closer as Loma bows out in Ukraine

George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney closer as Loma bows out in Ukraine

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This summer, George Kambosos Jr. is closing in on his dream undisputed homecoming against Devin Haney in Australia.

The rugged Australian, who took the titles from Teofimo Lopez, has shown only one ambition since becoming the number one in the division.

He wants to fight the best, and only Haney or Vasyl Lomachenko will do for the ‘Ferocious’ one.

Now it’s up to Haney to agree with the terms on the table, the same ones Lomachenko agreed to before stating his intentions on Monday to remain in Ukraine to fight against Russia.


Before getting into it with Haney, Kambosos tipped his hat to Lomachenko as the former champion continues to defend his country.

“I respect your decision, and I totally understand. I pray for you and your country,” said Kambosos. “Please stay safe, and once I wipe the floor with Devin, we will make this fight between two real champions. God bless.”

Back to Haney. Kambosos sent a subtle reminder to the American on what he said when talks began with Lomachneko a few weeks ago.

“What he’s taking, I’ll take the same offer,” said Haney. However, this may not have been the case between then and now.

Kambosos is adamant that Haney takes what Loma accepted, though. This negotiation is where the only sticking point lies.

Haney has already agreed to fight down under in Melbourne.

Still, the current IBF, WBA, and WBO titleholder doesn’t seem sure of Haney’s genuine interest in taking the deal.

George Kambosos Jr

“You were offered it months ago, and you played around,” he pointed out. “In the meantime, the great man Vasily Lomachenko made it very simple to do anything to make it happen.

“It was a done deal. But Loma now has a bigger fight at the moment, which I totally respect. So let’s see how much of your word is truth.”

The 28-year-old added: “When the gate is closed, the little dog barks and is full of energy, but let’s see when the gate is fully open if the little dog still has the same bark and energy! Tick tock.


Haney responded: “My energy will forever be the same. You were forced into his position. Let’s not confuse the people!”

Whatever happens in the coming days, there’s only a short period to get this deal over the line. Kambosos is sure whoever is in the opposite corner will take a loss.

“All I Know Is Hard Work! Still, In The Trenches, nothing changes!

“Hungrier and more dangerous than ever. These are my belts. They are going nowhere!

“Your favorite fighter doesn’t stand a chance. Now, I’m the top dog with that same chip on my shoulder.”

“Without risk, there is no reward. Stay tuned!”

By the end of the month, we should know whether boxing will have another fight for all the belts for the entire lightweight crown.

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