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Roy Jones Jr. on why he didn’t make a fuss over gold medal robbery

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Roy Jones Jr. discussed his defeat in the 1988 Olympic against Si Hun Park, widely known as one of the worst decisions in the sport.

The International Boxing Hall of Famer and four-division world champion opened up about being robbed of a gold medal at the 1988 Olympic Games.

Jones revealed why he didn’t react despite missing out on a lifelong dream due to corruption on the part of the judges.

The 3-2 result got mentioned in a recent investigation into judging at the Games. The outcome stated that widespread corruption was rife for years.

But to his credit, Jones didn’t want to put any stains on his country’s reputation. Therefore, he held himself back.

“My father used always to tell me, ‘Don’t cry. Just be cool. Don’t worry about it.’ So when it happened, I had been well-versed in how to react to it,” Jones told All The Smoke.

“People didn’t understand that my shirt didn’t say Jones on the back. My shirt said the USA. But I didn’t represent Roy Jones. I represented us as a country.

“If I act a fool, that will look bad on us as a country.”

Roy Jones Jr
Team the USA


Following the defeat, Jones embarked on one of the best tenures ever seen in a boxing ring. A multiple-time world champion and former undisputed king, ‘RJJ’ left a lasting legacy many would love to attain.

A comeback exhibition against Mike Tyson broke even more records in 2020 as Jones once again proved his pulling power.

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