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Home » Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi looks small compared to Instagram images

Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi looks small compared to Instagram images

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Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi looks like a mammoth specimen on his considerable Instagram portfolio but looks a lot smaller than that in real life.

This comparison was evident when Hulk squared off against forthcoming opponent Martyn Ford.

Ford is no slouch and recently dwarfed Frank Bruno at a recent charity event. But it begs the question of whether organizers of their fight were fully aware of the size difference.

On paper, the event looks like two behemoths going at it. However, at the presser in Dubai, it wasn’t the case. Gharibi looked tiny compared to Ford and got tossed around like a ragdoll.

This scenario may not be suitable for business, and it may be interesting to see what sales are like for the April 2nd clash in London.

As the pair went face-to-face, Ford looked super-confident and will begin the fight as a massive favorite.

Gharibi gets billed as six foot three inches and over four hundred pounds on his biography. He seemed far from it next to Ford.

The nervous energy got the best of the Middle Eastern weightlifter as he pushed towards Ford and fell on the floor.

Ford won the battle and should win the war.

Martyn Ford Iranian Hulk


The pair will trade blows in a unique boxing attraction at the O2 Arena. There aren’t high hopes that it will contain any boxing skills whatsoever, though.

Ford vs. Gharibi is merely another money-grabbing exercise. It comes at a time in the sport when anything can sell, provided you have enough social media followers.

Gharibi has almost 700,000 in what now is a highly doctored account to make him out to be far more extensive than he stands.

In contrast, Martyn Ford has 3.4 million and is the fight’s big draw. Ford is an imposing figure at a towering six feet eight inches and built like the proverbial brick house.

It seems the myths surrounding Gharibi could turn out to be correct.

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