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Home » Adrien Broner goes off the rails after Super Bowl drug fumble

Adrien Broner goes off the rails after Super Bowl drug fumble

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Adrien Broner continues to fill boxing fans and media with concern after his hospitalization as his career in the ring stalls. The incident comes on the back of a high-profile Super Bowl drug fumble.

As World Boxing News reported last month, the multi-weight world champion won’t be back in the ring anytime soon.

‘The Problem’ looked far from fighting shape when sharing a video of himself paying a lady leaving his apartment. He then posted another clip showing him in a wheelchair at the hospital.

Broner’s antics come just a month after the former Pay Per View star deleted an image he posted of the drugs he allegedly planned to ingest had the Cincinnatti Bengals beaten the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.

As it happened, Matthew Stafford took the Rams to the Vince Lombardi Trophy and his first Championship Ring.

Before he deleted the post, responses to Broner went like: “Welp, won’t be no issues making weight,” and another making accusations of putting the brown powder up his nose as the spiraling of the boxer’s party lifestyle continues.

One responder warned Broner to sort himself out and get back to what he does best.

“Man, get off that stuff and go focus on what you have left of your career,” they said.

Adrien Broner belly


But Broner shows no signs of wanting to get back in the ring. It comes just over one year after his last fight.

Once he’d defeated Jovanie Santiago on points for Broner’s first win in four years, there were hopes he would be firmly back in the spotlight again.

The offers came thick and fast in 2021. Big contracts were on the table to battle Conor Benn, Keith Thurman, and Jessie Vargas in a rematch.

Sadly, what got predicted pre-Santiago seems to have come to pass.

Many thought Broner was only fighting for the payday amid ongoing legal action against him. And also to fund his wild lifestyle outside the ropes.

Soon enough, Broner will require a cash injection to his finances. However, the Benn, Thurman, and Vargas ships will have sailed by that time.

Adrien Broner needed to get back in the gym right and strike while the iron was hot. However, it’s all ended badly once again.

But judging by his latest post, he’ll need more time to get his life back together before an eight-week camp to burn off the excess poundage.

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