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Home » Hospitalized, wheelchair-bound Adrien Broner promises “I’ll get through it!”

Hospitalized, wheelchair-bound Adrien Broner promises “I’ll get through it!”

Adrien Broner is in trouble again after releasing a video of himself in a wheelchair in a hospital elevator. The four-weight world champion vowed, ‘I’ll get through it!’

World Boxing News has documented Broner’s recent activity hoping this would not be the final result. However, there’s been no luck as Broner needs help, judging by the clip.

Broner posted during the Super Bowl that he would take drugs if Cincinnati won before sending out multiple social media posts that had fans worried.

He also looks massively out of shape and in no condition to fight. This last month of activity has now caught up on Adrien Broner.

“Pray for me y’all. I don’t know what I’m going thru, but I’m going get through it,” promised the welterweight star, who was head-hunted by Eddie Hearn to face Conor Benn until the promoter realized Broner was in no position to train, let alone compete.


A party lifestyle that certainly needs addressing is hampering Broner’s career at the tender age of 32. It’s a sad sight to watch such a young, talented fighter throw his talent down the toilet in such a devastating fashion.

Broner should be competing with the world’s best super-lightweights right now after getting back to winning ways early in 2021. But he failed to capitalize as the money earned from the victory only served to fund his bad habits.

Getting in trouble with the law and ordered to pay money to a victim, Broner has to be fighting to stave off the possibility of going broke. He has to get himself together enough to put in an eight-week camp to earn a paycheck.

That’s not the way his career needs to be going down. Broner should compete for titles and give himself enough time to face the best. It’s his demons that won’t allow him to do so.


Sadly, that’s not the reality he lives in right now. And when Josh Taylor relinquishes Jack Catterall’s belts, all the titles will soon become vacant. Broner would undoubtedly be in with a shout if he could sort himself out for long enough.

We wish him well in his fight to get clean and sober. Hopefully, this hospital stay will be the last for a while.

Let’s get Adrien Broner back to what he does best as soon as possible.

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