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Home » Tyson Fury knows exactly what to do with Dillian Whyte on April 23rd

Tyson Fury knows exactly what to do with Dillian Whyte on April 23rd

Tyson Fury has a solid game plan in mind when he steps into the ring with Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium in front of 90,000 plus fans.

‘The Gypsy King’ intends to look his best as he beats up, dismantles, and knocks out Whyte in front of the entire world on Pay Per View.

Explaining how he plans to get the job done, Fury revealed part of his master plan to the media.

“I know Dillian Whyte is going to come in prepared. He’s going to come in rugged and rough and game and aggressive,” said Fury.

“He’s got a big left hook and a big right hand. Who knows? It could be me chinned on the night. I think both fighters are going for the knockout on the night.

“I think when I land a ‘Lancaster Bomber’ on his jaw, it’s going to be over. That could be in round one, or it could be in round six. I don’t see it going past that.

“I’m looking to put on an excellent {fight} and showcase knockout boxing for the UK fans. Then I’ll sing a load of songs afterward and have a good time.

“Party on down in the big smoke!'”

Fury went so far as to state he’d put on the same kind of show as one of his idols, The Greatest.

“If I can’t look like Muhammad Ali against this guy, then I’m in the wrong profession. I will chop him to bits. Not a problem.

“I will smash his face right in. You’re going to see a boxing masterclass. You’re going to see the difference in levels.”

Tyson Fury Dillian Whyte poster

Should Whyte land a solid blow on his jaw and get him into trouble, Fury says it will be his fault.

“This man is a big old strong fellow who swings a big old punch in and knocks a man spark out if he connects,” he outlined.

“But if I’m daft enough to get hit off him and knocked out, then I don’t deserve to be heavyweight world champion.”


On Whyte disrespecting the sport by not promoting the fight, Fury concluded: “I don’t blame him for not being here because if he were here, I’d have probably stretched him at the press conference.

“It’s good he’s not here. Otherwise, I’d be remanded in a London jail cell somewhere.

“The buildup to this fight will be fantastic because Tyson Fury versus his own shadow sells for sure. I will make sure people get entertained.”

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