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DAZN Pay Per View u-turn pushes yearly subscribers to $219.97 cost

Pay Per View follows Canelo Alvarez everywhere he goes. Four years after launch, DAZN backtracked on a PPV promise leaving considerable embarrassment.

The Pound for Pound king signed a new multi-fight deal with DAZN Pay Per View that comes at a massive cost for US boxing fans.

Canelo agreed on a deal with DAZN for around $50-60 million per fight. It’s a contract that will get subsidized by increased subscription fees for all US DAZN subscribers.

In addition, current customers will also have to fork out an extra $59.99 per Canelo fight. That’s on top of their $99.99 yearly payment.

When reading into the terms at the bottom of the recent information regarding the new collaboration, the fine print shows the current $99.99 yearly subscription.

This stipulation already rises to $19.99 if you pay every month. It will increase by a whopping 50% just before the first Canelo event of the deal.

That fight will be a world light-heavyweight title challenge against Russian Dmitry Bivol on May 7. Las Vegas is the hot favorite to host.

Canelo vs Bivol

DAZN’s information will not make for good reading. It seems the fans will foot the bill for a mammoth layout to fend off completion from Showtime for Canelo’s signature.

“The May 7 blockbuster will be available to subscribers around the world on DAZN, excluding Latin America and Mexico.

“In the US & Canada, DAZN will offer the event exclusively on DAZN Pay-Per-View (PPV). It’s newly introduced for very select events to come – and priced at $59.99 for current subscribers. It’s $79.99 for new subscribers (inclusive of a one-month subscription to DAZN).”

On the significant rise, DAZN added: “The DAZN subscription in the US currently priced at $19.99 a month or just $99.99 for an entire year (which equates to only $8.33 per month).

“At this unrivaled value, existing subscribers will continue to enjoy a stacked boxing schedule. At least 50 top-tier fight nights on DAZN annually.

Plus, discounted PPV events and an ever-growing slate of DAZN Originals, including many of the fascinating stories and figures in boxing.

“New subscribers to DAZN in the US can continue to take advantage of the current annual subscription cost. It remains at $99.99 until May 2.

“Those signing up for an annual subscription after May 2 will be charged the new yearly price of $149.99 (which still equates to only $12.50 per month).

“Existing subscribers will be grandfathered in at their current $99.99 annual subscription cost for at least one year.”


DAZN US subscribers on the lowest yearly package currently pay $99.99. They stand to pay an extra $119.98 already. That’s with the two Canelo fights lined up for May and September. Therefore, it works out at $219.97 basic.

However, if you’re not a current subscriber, signing up to DAZN for one month merely for the Canelo fights would cost $79.98 per fight [$19.99 subscription and $59.99 for the fight]. That’s $159.96 to see two Canelo events per year.

It’s a far cry from DAZN’s launch campaign stating ‘Pay Per View is Dead.’ Boxing fans certainly are not pleased.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Furthermore, follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.