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Home » Sky Sports PPV depth gives little choice on Kell Brook vs Amir Khan II

Sky Sports PPV depth gives little choice on Kell Brook vs Amir Khan II

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Sky Sports pitching Kell Brook against Chris Eubank Jr. in the immediate aftermath of his victory over Amir Khan should have given fans an indication of their Pay Per View depth right now.

Brook had just defeated Khan at a canter with little resistance coming back. Sky Sports then threw the narrative at a ringside Eubank Jr.

Talk of a catchweight fight between Brook and Eubank Jr. filled the air immediately. But having just made Brook boil down to 149, making the Sheffield man potentially go up to 160 doesn’t make any sense.

It makes apparent the lack of PPV stars on the roster. There is simply nobody else for Brook to fight.

However, Khan’s indication that he’s not finished yet – coupled with the Box Office sales doing so well, money is doing the talking.

Rumors Brook vs. Khan pushed one million buys gives little choice but for all sides to do it again, despite the same result looking likely.

Plenty of excuses from Khan will accompany any confirmation of his participation, as Brook admitted this weekend that he has to remain open to the payday.

Due to his victory, ‘Special K’ will now be the a-side and call all the shots – as Khan did in the first fight.

“If he wants another whooping, he can have another whooping,” Brook told Sky Sports News. “It was so one-sided. I don’t know what he can say and come back to the table with [for a return].

“If he wants that rematch, I’ll dust those gloves off and do it again.”

Promoter Ben Shalom, well aware that the numbers would mean Sky wants the fight to happen again, offered his view.


“I think the word on the street is true. Amir Khan, he doesn’t want to call it a day,” Shalom told Sky.

“He has spent a lot of time thinking about the fight the past couple of weeks. He feels like he had ten weeks to prepare, and Kell Brook had six months.

“So he feels hard done by. I don’t know whether that fight is even possible, but he does have that rematch clause.”

Kell Brook beats Amir Khan
Lawrence Lustig

Shalom added that he wants Khan to forget about the second fight, which Sky probably won’t agree with.

“For me, for Kell Brook, it’s time to move on, whether it’s to retire or to fight one of the other names mentioned.

“I can’t see it, but Amir is convinced we will hear what his reasons are in the next few days, and we’ll have to take it from there.

“Whatever he (Khan) does, he’s had a great career. Just for me, it probably was the time to hang up the gloves. But he feels very differently.”

Brook vs. Khan II is firmly not needed. However, if Sky Sports want it, make no mistake that it happens. There’s too much money at stake not to get it on for the second time.

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