Some of The Best Boxing YouTube Channels

YouTube Boxing

Love them or loathe them, YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul have made boxing appeal to a new audience. But it’s not just the Paul brothers that have raised the profile of the sweet science using this platform.

Long before Logan laced up his gloves to go to toe with KSI, YouTube had tons of quality content. Check out five of the best boxing YouTube channels to learn about the history of the sport, get insights for upcoming fights, and tips to perfect that left hook. 

1. Boxing Legends TV/ BLTV Extra

Although this boxing YouTuber has had copyrighting problems – hence the two accounts (Boxing Legends TV and BLTV Extra) –  the channel still frequently uploads videos that give you the lowdown on upcoming fights. These snappy, well-edited “Tale of the Tape” productions give you all the details before fight night. From going through possible scenarios based on each boxer’s style to bringing up any scathing comments made years before – these uploads hit you with facts to set the scene for upcoming matches.

What’s more, the uploader (he likes to stay anonymous) gives you his fight predictions, which can give you food-for thought, which can help you make more informed decisions when wagering on big fights. However, before you bet, ensure you use a reputable sportsbook by checking out reviews at sites such as

Some of the best Boxing Legends uploads are the archived videos that cover topics such as the tragic story of Tommy Morrison and the shocking horrors committed by Edwin Valero. Other compelling titles are Top 20 Showboating Moments, Top 10 Most Punishing Mike Tyson Fights, and Top 25 Punches That Will Never Be Forgotten. 

2. Tony Jeffries

This ex-pro boxer and bronze Olympic medalist (something he doesn’t fail to mention at any given opportunity) produces exceptional videos for boxers looking to perfect their craft. Using his cheery and comical demeanour, he quickly helps you correct common errors when training. Also, his “YouTube Shorts” shower you with valuable tips on how to practice the sweet science in just a few seconds. But what makes Tony’s channel stand out from the rest is that he discusses taboo subjects in the world of boxing, such as brain trauma, and examines the sport’s issues and problems on his Box ‘n Life Podcast. 

Whether you want to compete, use boxing to get fit, or get a professional opinion on the sport, subscribing to Tony Jeffries’ YouTube channel is a must.

3. Motivedia Boxing

Like Boxing Legends TV, Motivedia Boxing produces insightful content for all the biggest fights. The production quality of its videos goes toe to toe with big-money boxing promotion companies. But unlike promoters, this channel provides you with an honest take on the world of boxing. 

The narrator’s deep and silky voice has become a trademark of the channel and blesses each video with an epic cinematic feel. Since reaching over one million subscribers, Motivedia Boxing has upped its game to outproduce its competitors. Also, as the channel doesn’t have any copyright issues, it peppers each video with highlight reels and real fight clips. So if you’re looking for an injection of hype before watching a fight, check out Motivedia Boxing. 

4. Precision Striking 

This channel belongs to former competitive amateur boxer Jason Van Veldhuysen. Although Jason doesn’t have the same professional pedigree as Tony Jeffries, the likeable teacher knows his stuff. Precision Striking’s content focuses on the fitness and training side of boxing. Wrap up those hands and enjoy any of the hundreds of drill videos that teach you as you go. The only downside is that the best content is for “members only”, meaning you need to pay. But if you want reels of videos that cover everything you need to know when training, paying for Precision Strking’s premium videos is a solid investment.