People’s champ Lennox Lewis offers to call boy bullied in horrific viral video

Lennox Lewis Undisputed

A sickening video showing a boy beaten up and robbed by a gang of young thugs is viral, and former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has spoken out.

The clip has faced condemnation on social media. However, due to the arrests of two boys aged 13 and 15, WBN cannot divulge too many details.

That’s apart from the fact they launched a vicious, unprovoked attack on someone much smaller than them. Not only that, but the bullies filmed it too.

The boy’s mother has acknowledged the outpouring of love, not only from the boxing community but also from the vast majority of those who could watch the video.


“I want to thank every single person on this planet who has shown my son and family so much love and support,” she said.

“We’re all very shaken up. We feel absolutely sick. We’re not sure how to even deal or recover from what we’ve had to witness this happen to our gorgeous baby boy.”

Lennox Lewis took time out of his day to offer the boy a phone call upon seeing the video and the thank you message.

Lewis replied: “Very sorry your son had to go through this. I can’t even comprehend why they did this.

“There should be no tolerance for bullying. I am sending you a DM. I’d love to speak to him. Bless!”


Wandsworth Police stated on Tuesday confirming they had apprehended two of the culprits the day previously.

“Two boys aged 15 and 13 will appear at Wimbledon Youth Court tomorrow [Wednesday] charged with robbery following an incident in Roehampton.”

Lewis is a kind soul despite his ability to beat people to a pulp inside the ropes. He mastered his craft inside the ring, and he’s now superseded the ability to enlighten people outside of it.

Lewis stated in one of his latest ‘Lennoxisms: “Never be offended by good and sound advice, even if you don’t like the messenger.

“No matter what I say, or how well-intentioned it is, someone out there will be offended or feel like they’re being singled out.

“They aren’t. Get out of your feelings and get to work.”

Lennox Lewis is a grand heavyweight champion and an extraordinary man into the bargain.

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