Opinion: If Josh Taylor vacates, Jack Catterall has to get undisputed shot

Jack Catterall drops Josh Taylor undisputed

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Josh Taylor made a defiant speech on Saturday night but must know deep down he should not own any world title belts right now.

The Scot lost unequivocably to Jack Catterall in Glasgow. It was a loss there can never be any debate about whatsoever.

Out-classed, out-landed, and dropped to the canvas, there was only one winner in 99% of people’s eyes. Those who disagree must have watched a different fight or be a more intelligent boxer scorer than the rest of us regular human beings.

Taylor was asked his opinion after the fight, even about a rematch. He replied on Sky Sports: “There’s no need for a rematch. I won the fight.”

That’s probably where most boxing fans switched off. I flicked the standby button in disgust after they announced the verdict.

Nonetheless, Taylor attempted to justify the shocking decision.

“I started a little slow, but once I grabbed the momentum, I started catching him with the bigger shots,” said Taylor.

“He was trying to spoil a lot and going down and up a lot and clashing my head. He caught me with a couple of good shots.

“I’m not going to lie to you. It wasn’t my best performance. I put a lot of pressure on myself, with it being my homecoming.

“Been three years, the first time since lockdown and all that. I put a lot of pressure on myself being the heavy favorite, and it showed in the first half of the fight.”

He added: “Once I got my rhythm, I started catching him with the bigger shots and catching him and catching him. It wasn’t my best performance, but I believe I got the win 100 percent. But Jack did very well.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to put on a good show for my home fans. But it didn’t matter in the end. I got a good result.

“I knew I won the fight. It was close. Overall, I scored the bigger shots, better, and more meaningful shots, so I know I won the fight. It was a little bit close, but I know I won the fight.”

No, Josh. You lost.

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Now would be a great time to offer Jack Catterall a rematch or give up the belts when you move up so that the Chorley man can fight for them all again in one night.

If the sanctioning bodies had any conscience between them, they’d all come together and make a special ruling. They have to keep the belts together for Catterall to contest against the next available challenger – if Josh Taylor heads to 147.

Sadly, justice in boxing rarely gets past the door.

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