The biggest robbery in British boxing history as Jack Catterall is mugged

Phil Jay
Lawrence Lustig

Josh Taylor amazingly kept hold of his titles against Jack Catterall with the worst robbery decision in the history of British boxing.

Here’s how the article was supposed to read and was half-written when the verdict got announced.

Jack Catterall stunned Josh Taylor in Glasgow with a famous decision victory to claim the undisputed world super-lightweight titles.

The 28-year-old from Chorley took control from the first bell and could have argued to have won all six rounds of the first half.

Taylor rallied in the second six sessions but to his detriment as Catterall dropped the “Tartan Tornado” to the canvas.

Now, back to reality.

Catterall celebrated his famous triumph until the incompetent officials returned with scores of 113-112 to the challenger, but 114-111 and 113-112 to Taylor.

Lawrence Lustig

Let’s get this correct; Josh Taylor did not win that fight, no matter what anybody says.

Iain John-Lewis and Victor Loughlin must have been asleep or watching a different fight as they were the culprits who mugged Catterall.

A livelihood is lost as Catterall should be the undisputed champion. However, he’s not, and that’s on them.

My title was going to be one that explained the outcome in a nutshell. It was “JACK-POT: Undisputed Catterall stuns, drops, and out-classes Josh Taylor.”

And that’s what he did. He out-classed Taylor and took his belts without question.

Even Sky Sports commentators Adam Smith, Matthew Macklin, and Hannah Rankin admitted there was no way Taylor won that fight.

It’s plain and straightforward that he didn’t.

The WBO, WBC, IBF, and WBA should now come together and order an immediate rematch. If they don’t, and Taylor is allowed to walk away scot-free, that will be an even bigger travesty than the verdict itself.

How this incompetence continues to plague boxing is a mystery. This sport is going through hard times enough without two jokers shooting it in the foot with such decisions like that.


Even the 113-112 for Catterall was harsh. WBN scored the fight 9-3 to Catterall with an extra point for the knockdown.

Catterall also landed double the punches Taylor did and bashed his face in.

Sometimes boxing steals from their own for the sake of future match-ups. It’s feared too much is lined up for Catterall to walk out of that arena with those straps.

Josh Taylor, you didn’t win. End of story.

Compubox summary of the fight: Josh Taylor averaged 6.1 landed punches per round while Jack Catterall averaged ten punches landed per round. Catterall landed 39 jabs over 12 rounds to Taylor’s 16 jabs. Catterall landed 81 power punches, and Taylor landed 57.

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