EXCLUSIVE: Former heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo cast in Eastenders

Eastenders Danny Dyer Larry Olubamiwo


Former British heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo has built on his recent role in Venom 2 ‘The Will Be Carnage’ by securing a role in Eastenders.

Olubamiwo will appear on screens next month on one of the most famous serial soaps on UK television, WBN can confirm.

The 43-year-old has been making waves in acting since making the transition following a rollercoaster career in boxing.

Thirty professional bouts, drug scandals, and 19 losses inside the ropes saw the once-feared ‘War Machine’ claim a Southern Area Heavyweight title.

Since retiring in 2015 following a loss to Tyson Fury’s cousin Hughie, Larry Olubamiwo made an ambitious move into another challenging way to make a living.

The Londoner’s decision came on the back of landing a part in Samantha Chioma’s web series ‘Life of Hers’ in 2014.

It gave Olubamiwo the bug, and ever since then, he’s worked his way up the thespian ladder to a top BBC drama in ‘The Capture [2019] and eventually the Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU].


Eastenders is another notch on the belt for the ex-fighter, who revealed dates of his forthcoming appearances on the long-running soap.

“I am going to be in two episodes of Eastenders,” Olubamiwo exclusively told World Boxing News. “There’ll be two episodes in early March,” he added.

Asked for his thoughts on walking the famous Albert Square in E20 and what part he’ll play, Olubamiwo was unable to give too much away, though.

The secrecy involved in filming is one of the strictest in the business.

“I can’t say what the role is, but it’s a very prominent role with the main cast. I interact with Danny Dyer a lot,” he pointed out.

Larry Olubamiwo Eastenders

Olubamimo said it was an honor to claim a part in a show his family grew up on in London.

“I loved working on the show. I watched it growing up. My mum still watches it. So in her eyes I have made it as an actor,” Larry joked.

“I hope I can come back to the show soon.”


Concluding, Olubamiwo exclusively revealed to WBN that he’s also made a breakthrough with a world-famous company.

“I just finished filming a part on a Disney plus show this week. That will be released soon.”

According to IMDB, Larry has three projects in pre or post-production. They are ‘The Middle Man,’ where he plays ‘Harlem’ and Shore Leave in which he portrays ‘Chicken.’

Finally, ‘The Abomination’ where he plays ‘Adedayo Sunday.’ All three will get released in the coming months.

Aside from boxing and acting, Larry Olubamiwo is now a YouTube frontman. He appears regularly on ‘The Gym Rat Pack Does Entertainment.’

Check out their channel HERE.

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