Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall at each other’s throats as things get ugly

Josh Taylor Jack Catterall at each other's throats

Mikey Williams

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall produced fireworks at the weigh-in as the pair prepared for a Scotland war on Saturday night.

The undisputed super-lightweight titles are on the line, and you could see how much that means to both fighters as they went for the jugular in a scaling brawl.

Security had to separate them ahead of the Sky Sports event. Both grabbed their respective opponent’s throat.


(ESPN+, 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT)

• Josh Taylor 140 vs. Jack Catterall 139
(Undisputed Junior Welterweight World Title— 12 Rounds)

• Robeisy Ramirez 126.3 lbs vs. Eric Donovan 126.3 lbs
(Featherweight — 10 Rounds)

• Nick Campbell 254 lbs vs. Jay McFarlane 276 lbs
(Vacant Scottish Heavyweight Title — 10 Rounds)

• Ebonie Jones 125.3 lbs vs. Efty Kathopouli 124 lbs
(Featherweight— 6 Rounds)

• John Docherty 172 lbs vs. Jordan Grant 176.3 lbs
(Light Heavyweight — 8 Rounds)

(Streaming on Top Rank’s YouTube Channel, 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT)

• Paddy Donovan 146 lbs vs. Miroslav Serban 145 lbs
(Welterweight — 6 Rounds)

• Kurt Walker 129 lbs vs. Jaroslav Hriadel 127.3 lbs
(Junior Lightweight — 4 Rounds)

• Kieran Molloy 154.3 lbs vs. Damian Esquisabel 154 lbs
(Junior Middleweight — 4 Rounds)

Josh Taylor Jack Catterall weigh in
Lawrence Lustig


Josh Taylor

“Everyone has been starved for nights out and things to do these last two years. There hasn’t been much happening.

“Everyone has come out in numbers. [The arena] has sold out. I’ve got an abundance of fans coming from England supporting me.

“I’ve probably got more fans coming from England to support me than Jack has coming to support him. It’s a great night. I can’t wait.”

“It’s Jack on Saturday. It’s his turn next. He’s going to get the beating Saturday, which I’m going to dish out.

“All I’m thinking about is Jack Catterall. He’s trying to take away what I’ve worked so hard to get.

“I’ve cleaned out the division. He’s getting a shot at the jackpot in one fight. I’m going to put him in his place on Saturday.

“He’s good. We’ll find out on Saturday, but he’s in for a long night. A long, painful methodical beatdown on Saturday.”

“I don’t see a way that he can beat me in this fight. I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but I’m prepared for every single way.

“Whatever he brings, I’m more than prepared for.”

Jack Catterall

“I’ve been mandatory for the WBO title. After waiting two years, I’ve got a chance now to capture the undisputed.

“I’ve not just come up here to make up the numbers. I’ve been waiting two years for this opportunity.”

“I think the respect has been there. Me and Josh know that the respect is out of the window once the bell goes.

“We can shake hands after. We’re going to punch each other’s heads in, and that’s in.”

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