Amir Khan considers activating Kell Brook rematch clause despite beating

Amir Khan Kell Brook

Lawrence Lustig

Amir Khan is considering activating a rematch clause to face Kell Brook again despite taking a beatdown for six rounds in Manchester.

The Bolton man was never really in the fight last Saturday night as Brook ended their grudge once and for all.

However, Khan has a rematch clause and can invoke it until mid-March.

BOXXER’s Ben Shalom, who promoted the fight, says he’s heard reports from Khan’s camp that preparations didn’t go so well.

For this reason, Khan could be seriously considering taking up the option.

“The problem we’ve got, and no one has mentioned it so far, is that Amir Khan has a rematch clause in his contract,” Shalom told talkSPORT.

“It’s not something we would advise. It’s not something I think Amir should do, but he does have that option.

“We have heard murmurs from his camp that he was jet-lagged and didn’t take Kell too seriously.

“I don’t think it will happen, but it’s not something in our control.”


Discussing the glove problem that developed at the last minute, Shalom gave an insight into what went down.

“I wasn’t lying when I said throughout the promotion about the animosity between these two fighters,” Shalom stated.

“There were suggestions it was pantomime, but it showed on the night it wasn’t. There was a contract in place that Amir Khan requested there was no horsehair in the gloves.

Kell Brook
Lawrence Lustig

“Horsehair, unbeknown to me, my team and even some members of the board, is in 90 percent of gloves.

“We opened a pair of gloves very similar to what Kell had, and horsehair got found in them, and it absolutely kicked off.

Amir nearly left the venue. Dominic Ingle told me he knew what he was doing all along and refused to change the gloves.

“Eventually, at the 11th hour, Kell agreed to change his gloves in the ring, which you saw.

“We had everyone in the back, the British Boxing Board of Control, Adam Smith had to leave his commentary desk. It was just drama. It was 50/50 as to whether that fight would happen.

“They were both convinced they weren’t going to go out. Amir was not going to go out unless Kell changed his gloves.

“In the end, credit to Kell as he changed his gloves, and it didn’t really make a difference.”

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