Klitschko brothers unite to call for Russian sanctions over Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko


The Klitschko brothers want action over the current conflict with Russia.

Former heavyweight champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko once again joined forces to call for sanctions against the Russian advance.

Vladimir Putin has ordered troops to enter the border of Ukraine in what the Klitschko’s see as an act of hostility.

Both Vitali – the Mayor of Kyiv, and younger sibling Wladimir, who has signed up for the army reserves, expressed their concern.

Vitali said: “Partners of Ukraine should implement harsh sanctions against Russia right now!

“Without any delay! Russia has annihilated all norms of international law, tearing into pieces the country in the center of Europe.

“It shows no intention to stop its attack.”

Previously, Vitali met with a US political team, including Nancy Pelosi.

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives said the US would stand together with Ukraine.

“Our delegation had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Vitali Klitschko of Kyiv.

“He conveyed the concerns of his people in the face of Russian aggression.

“Our delegation reiterated America’s unwavering support for the people of Ukraine and commitment to the transatlantic alliance.”

Responding, Vitali stated: “Thank you for your support.”


Once the Russian army made their move, Wladimir aired his thoughts.

He said: “Be sure [that] Ukraine is strong! It has a strong capital in Kyiv. [We have] strong cities, villages, and a strong solid, and united people who value above all their independence, sovereignty, and peace in Europe.

“It’s WILL to exist is infinite. Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!”

Klitschko has clarified that he is willing to put his life on the line for Ukraine if Russia tries to take the capital of Kyiv.

Judging by his fighting days as the top division king, we believe he’ll do anything for his people.

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