4 Knockout Boxing Slots Worth Wagering On

Boxing 2022

If you’re tired of traditional sportsbook betting, boxing-themed video slots are something to consider. Video slots have long been popular with online casino users. With multiple paylines, low stakes, and bountiful bonus rounds, it’s easy to turn a small amount of money into a sizable jackpot. Eager to try something new? Below, we review some of the best boxing slots that are well worth investigating.

1. Heavyweight Champion (iSoftBet)

If you’re heading to sites like VegasKings Casino to sample some slots, Heavyweight Champion should be high on your list. This boxing-themed slot from iSoftBet brings all the thrill of the ring to your screen. At first glance, this 5-reel slot presents a pretty basic setup. There are 15 paylines to choose from, giving you plenty of options for when it comes to laying down your wager. If you’re wary about spending too much money, you can limit yourself to minor bets on single paylines. However, if you’re eager to amass a small fortune, you’ll want to be betting the maximum amount across all 15 paylines.

Sadly, Heavyweight Champion won’t create any instant millionaires. There’s no progressive jackpot available here. However, there’s a variety of bonuses on offer here, including wild symbols and multipliers. If luck is on your side and you’re patient, you do stand a chance of walking away with a five-figure payout.

2. Heavyweight Gold (Rival)

Heavyweight Gold might not be the fanciest boxing slot out there, but it’s one of the easiest to play and offers some impressive payouts. This 5-reel slot boasts no less than 20 paylines, while the return to player rate stands at a very reasonable 96%. This boxing slot from Rival offers plenty of flexibility for players looking to tailor their bets. The minimum coin size is very low, meaning you don’t have to shell out a small fortune to walk away with a reasonable win. However, if you’re eager to try your luck, you can bet the maximum coin size of 0.25 across all 25 paylines.

Visually, Heavyweight Gold doesn’t quite match up to other games in this list. All the boxing basics are present and accounted for here, although the graphics and animations could use a little work. That being said, there’s a decent stack of bonus features available here, making it a good choice for the beginner looking for more chances to win.

3. Fight Night (WorldMatch)

Fight Night is one of the newer boxing slots available at online casinos. This slick video slot from WorldMatch definitely makes an impression, with slick graphics and smooth animations. This 5-reel slot shouldn’t prove too hard to get to grips with, especially if you’re familiar with standard video slot mechanics. There are 25 individual paylines on offer here, with flexible betting so you can start small and increase your wagers as your pot of winnings grows. However, the return to player rate is on the low side, hovering around the 91.8% mark. That being said, this is one of the few boxing slots to offer anything close to a progressive jackpot, which makes the RTP an easier pill to swallow.

In addition to flexible betting and multiple paylines, there’s a variety of attractive bonus features here. In addition to slot staples like scatters and wild symbols, Fight Night more than delivers when it comes to free spins. There’s also multiplier potential, meaning the most modest of wins can be transformed into a significant sum.

4. Boxing (Gameplay Interactive)

Despite the uninspiring name, Boxing from Gameplay Interactive is one of the best themed slots around. This 5-reel video slot plays out in much the same way as other boxing-themed titles. There are 15 paylines available here, making it a good choice for players who want to wager higher amounts. Meanwhile, you’ve plenty of scope when it comes to establishing your starting bets. You can play safe with tiny wagers, or up your coin size to chase bigger wins. However, it has to be said that the maximum coin size is fairly low compared to other boxing slots. If you’re looking to secure substantial wins, you’ll want to be placing maximum bets across all paylines.

The ultimate jackpot potential of Gameplay Interactive’s Boxing is also on the low side. This is offset slightly by the unique bonus features on offer here. When you land a winning line, you’ll be allowed to gamble your win by hitting the “Double Up” icon. You can choose to wager the entire amount, or split the sum and pocket half. This bonus round operates like a card reveal game. You’ll be asked to choose a card and, if your card is of a higher value than the dealer’s, you’ll be able to double your winnings. If your card is lower, you’ll lose your entire wager.