Prichard Colon justice petition to ‘jail’ Terrel Williams and ‘fire’ officials rises

Prichard Colon

Colon Family

A petition to make sure Terrel Williams faces jail and doctors involved in the Prichard Colon fallout never work again continues to rise after a re-post.

Reuploaded by ‘E’ eight months ago, Colon supporters are seeking 7,500 signatures to gain a ‘reaction’ at

Initially posted six years ago and one year after the tragedy left Colon with lifelong altering injuries, the petition now has over 5000 signatures.

Colon spent the best part of a year in a coma after facing Williams and needs constant care after fighting back from near death.

Known as ‘Digget,’ Colon is based in the USA but of Puerto Rican descent. The fight took place in Fairfax, Virginia.

An outcry followed the bout due to illegal rabbit punches by Williams. The whole incident resulted in constant abuse of Williams to this day.

The American continued his career but hasn’t fought since a 2019 loss to Thomas Dulorme. It’s not known if he’ll ever return.

In the petition, the appeal asks for referee Joe Cooper, ringside physician Dr. Richard Ashby, and Virginia Boxing Program executive director David Holland to face punishment for their part in the contest.


The wording used on the petition explains why they want action.

“Injured Fighter Prichard Colon sustained brain injuries due to the negligence of multiple people.”

“Opponent Terrell “Tyger” Williams knowingly administered illegal blows to the back of the head with no intervention.”

“Referee Joe Cooper ignored Colon’s complaints of being dizzy and did not call out William’s repeated illegal blows. He has a history of bad calls.”

“Doctor Richard Ashby was hired by the commission to observe the fight. Colon advised the Doctor that he was feeling dizzy.

Prichard Colon

“The Doctor checked the back of Colon’s head and advised he was okay to return for the next round with no hesitation.”

“Executive Director David Holland of the Virginia Boxing and Wrestling Commission said to stop with the “stalling antics” (referring to the amount of time he took to recuperate from the knockdown) and did not take any steps to intervene.

“All people listed should get fired for negligence, and Williams should get considered for some time in prison due to his malicious attack that forever impacted Colon’s life.

“This new petition, while worth the effort and existence now including new decision-makers who will get notified of people en masse who still express that there are issues to be solved today.”


As WBN reported earlier this week, Terrel Williams faces death threats and abuse daily on a static Facebook page.

Unused since 2013, the page has become a place to vent for supporters of Colon’s cause. Some of what statements get written are hard to digest.

Regarding the victim, in this case – Colon, the warrior, and honorary WBC champion, remains positive with the love of his family to guide him.

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