Oscar De La Hoya won’t be fighting Floyd Mayweather or anybody else

Oscar De La Hoya released from hospital after Covid


Despite calling out Floyd Mayweather and stating he could still break the all-time boxing Pay Per View record, Oscar De La Hoya will not be fighting again.

The eleven-time world champion got linked to facing Vitor Belfort in 2021 at 48 but had to pull out before the fight due to Covid-19.

De La Hoya said the virus took him out entirely, and he doesn’t believe another fight is in his future.

“COVID did get the best of me,” De La Hoya told DAZN. “I continue to train. I continue to take care of myself. But I continue to do all the right things. I am feeling great.

“I was maybe 80% when COVID hit me. But I was ready. I was fast strong, and my timing was almost up to par. And then COVID hit, and it just derailed everything.

“I’m actually still feeling a little pressure on my chest alone. So when I go run, it’s difficult to breathe after running a couple of miles.

“I don’t think I’m in a position right now to even say if I want to fight again or not because I don’t feel it right now.

“Who knows, maybe that can change in the next couple of months. But right now, I’m not feeling it. I’m not getting any younger.”

After withdrawing from the fight, skepticism filled the air from the boxing fraternity. Even fellow pros questioned the validity of De La Hoya’s excuse.

Belfort was in tremendous shape and blew out substitute Evander Holyfield within one round. Many argue it would have been similar with De La Hoya, which is why he didn’t go through with the event.

Oscar De La Hoya in hospital with Covid


Derik Santos, Belfort’s coach, had no problem ripping into De La Hoya for a video posted of him with Covid-19.

“I’m not trying to disrespect Oscar De La Hoya. I saw the video of Oscar, but if I’m being honest, I’m still skeptical,” Santos told Vegas Insider.

“Something about it didn’t seem right and the level of how bad it looked. I know you can still get COVID if you’re double vaccinated, but it didn’t seem right.

“Maybe he realized we were taking the fight seriously. I don’t know.

“As far as I know, their side didn’t try to jump out and reschedule as others have. So yeah, I’m a little skeptical.

“I think he thought: ‘what I have got myself into’ – he even posted this. We were going in there to give him a very good boxing match.”

The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao PPV record remains safe – for now.

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