Floyd Mayweather punks YouTuber, checks can take ‘seven or eight years’

Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather gave no guarantees that a YouTuber would get paid anytime soon after complaints about a 2021 exhibition fight.

Last year, the five-weight world champion, who returned for another money grab, agreed to face a wannabe boxer vlogger on Showtime Pay Per View.

Covering himself legally, Mayweather then punked the ‘influencer’ over the payment coming at a reasonable time. Mayweather seems in no rush to hand over the cash either.

“This comes with the territory,” Mayweather told The Pivot. “To them, that’s real money. I like YouTubers.

“But the money on the back end though, from pay-per-view, that takes a while. Nothing comes right away.”

On when the YouTube channel presenter might get his check, Mayweather added: “I’m still collecting checks from fights seven or eight years ago.

“They just hate when the table gets turned. Be happy with the biggest payday you ever got in your life.”

Mayweather was due to get back to action this weekend in Dubai. The fight was expected to be again another vlogger but collapsed at the last minute.

That kind of opponent seems to be Mayweather’s fodder of choice these days as the boxing legend continues to make healthy money from the sport without any danger to himself whatsoever.

Many in the sport have questioned whether facing these opponents would hurt the legacy of the ex-pound for pound king. This scenario is unlikely, provided those contests remain entirely separate from his record.

For the Conor McGregor fight in 2017, Mayweather seems to have gotten a pass. Any other attempts to gain a 51-0 record again, anybody unworthy would be a concern, though.

Floyd Mayweather
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Now a promoter, Floyd Mayweather is quite happy where he is at the moment, though. Mulling over multi-million dollar offers to fight in glorified sparring sessions while he can physically still perform for a few rounds.

At 45 and now a grandpa, Mayweather will fully know that this situation won’t last forever. It’s a case of getting that money while you can.

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