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Chris Eubank Jr. vs Kell Brook is a one-sided fight all day

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Kell Brook ended a decade-long rivalry with Amir Khan on Saturday night only to begin rumors of another all-British battle with Chris Eubank Jr.

Ringside to watch Brook’s destruction of Khan in six rounds, Eubank Jr. immediately stated he’d be willing to drop to 158 pounds for the fight.


However, instant groans became apparent from UK fans as those who knew were fully aware that Brook would get smashed when giving away so much weight.

In a clear money-grab, someone needs to tell Sky Sports that it’s not all about the money when making fights. Use some common sense, too, when it comes to divisions.

Eubank is a massive middleweight. Brook can just about scrape by as a super-welterweight. Therefore, there’s only one winner.

But with a lack of names for Pay Per View fights, Sky and BOXXER are scrambling to make another to fill their six-annual roster of paid platform bouts.

After the fight, Brook said: “I’ve sacrificed so much time to train for this fight, they won’t remember all of my struggles. They’ll remember me fighting Amir Khan. No disrespect to Amir, but it felt so easy there.

“I’m happy the chapter has closed on Amir Khan now.


Brook seemed happy enough after the Khan victory to still be a professional boxer, let alone get pitched in with Eubank with two bad eye sockets.

His triumph will go down as one of the most protracted drawn-out feuds in UK boxing history.

“This is the icing on the cake in my career. I can feel at peace knowing I’ve beaten Khan tonight. Do I want to carry on? I will sit down with my family and consider my future in the sport.

“I would’ve wanted more of a clinical knockout as Canelo did. But he’s been fantastic for the sport. He’s a two-time world champion for a reason.

“I’m just happy that we got to fight.”

The night that fight fans have been waiting for proved its weight in gold as both fighters left everything in the ring on fight night.

Brook, the former IBF welterweight champion, applied the pressure from the opening bell as he looked for every opening to hurt Khan.

Manchester played host to a night of British boxing that will go down in the history books.

But Eubank vs. Brook? – No thanks.

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