Adrien Broner: Super Bowl drug-taking fumble threatens 2022 return

Adrien Broner

Amanda Westcott

Adrien Broner planted doubt over his future in boxing when the former world champion decided to post an image of shocking drug-taking.

During the Super Bowl, won by the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, Broner did the unthinkable. He put a picture on his Instagram showing hard drugs ready for us.

Accompanying the shocking decision was the phrase, “Don’t mind me, but just in case the Bengals win.”

In a further move that left head-scratching from fans and media, Broner tagged the losing side – The Cincinnati Bengals – in his Instagram post.

What he aimed to achieve from any of these activities is a mystery. But it’s a mistake that will undoubtedly make any promoter think twice about working with him moving forward.

Before giving his fans a glimpse into his problematic personal life, Broner had offers on the table to face several fighters, including the UK’s Conor Benn.

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn was ready to pay the Cincinnati man a hefty sum to oppose Benn in England. If they haven’t already, DAZN should retract the deal immediately.

Broner’s path from here at the tender boxing age of 32 could go one of two ways. He either gets his life back in order, meaning going back to the gym. Or Broner remains on the path to self-destruction where many boxers have sadly trodden in their lives before.


The motivation for the four-weight world champion has always been money. From the ‘About Billions’ brand to significant swag, Adrien Broner maintains a lifestyle.

Without money, that all goes away and is ample incentive for Broner to ditch the wild parties and hangers-on.

If he can get back in shape and take on some of the top contenders at super-lightweight or welterweight, Broner can make millions over the next few years.

Boxers only get a limited shelf life. You only have to look at Tyson Fury for an example of that. ‘The Gypsy King’ wasted three and a half years doing nothing.

But he made a successful comeback and is now making $20 million per fight. This scenario could be Adrien Broner – but he must act now.

No network will go near him until he entirely cleans up his life.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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