Coach who drank welterweight star’s sweat talks Amir Khan fight

Dominic Ingle drinks welterweight Kell Brook sweat


A UK trainer who drank welterweight star Kell Brook’s sweat has blasted opponent Amir Khan for taking the fight in the first place.

Dominic Ingle, son of famed coach Brendan Ingle, scored infamy during the build-up for gulping down a beer glass full of Brook’s sweat.

Attempting to retract the video at one point after it was released by Sky Sports, Ingle looked a little bashful during fight week activities.

But when it came to speaking out against Khan, Ingle had no problem blasting the Bolton man for even accepting the Brook encounter.

“To be honest, I’m surprised Amir’s actually taken the fight,” said the body odor slurper. “In the position, he’s in, he’s a bit of a celebrity. He’s a bit of a superstar.

“It’s not really a fight he needed to do. It’s not really going to benefit him apart from the money.

“He’s got more to lose than he has to gain. We can’t actually believe he’s turned up.”

Dominic Ingle drinks sweat


On predictions for the fight, Ingle added: “The bookies are with Kell.

“The odds aren’t very good to bet on Kell because he’s the favorite. I wouldn’t have taken the fight if I was Khan.”

Concluding with how he sees the fight going down, Ingle stated: “It’s going to come down to the physicalities.

“Khan is a very good talker, I love listening to him. I love it.

“But on the night there’s not going to be any talking, it’s just down to who wins, who punches the hardest, who’s got something left.

“I believe Kell’s got more left in the tank than Amir Khan.”

Watch Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook live on Sky Sports Box Office from 6 pm in the UK. From 10 am PT and 12 pm ET in the US on ESPN+.

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