Somebody is lying as George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney talks stall

George Kambosos Jr Devin Haney

George Kambosos Jr. and Devin Haney hit a roadblock again as the pair of lightweight champions aim to seal an undisputed title fight.

Both teams claim the other is lying regarding whether Kambosos promoter Lou DiBella made an offer.

Haney stated no offer appeared from DiBella to his handler Eddie Hearn. However, Kambosos and DiBella dispute Haney’s words.


The result was a back-and-forth between Kambosos and Haney over whether they could get serious about an agreement.

Kambosos began: “Everyone supposedly ducks feather fisted Devin,” when confronted by a duck emoji from ‘The Dream’ on Saturday.

Haney responded: “Everyone that doesn’t [duck me] loses.”

The unified ruler from Australia replied: “Because the best are fighting the best! Kambosos, Lopez, Loma. Why not accept Lou’s offer then? Then we got a fight!

“Or you rather counter offer, lowball, and then lie. You make it out like we don’t want to splatter your face across the ring. Come back to me when your serious, mate.”

Disputing any notion of DiBella contacting Hearn with a solid deal, Haney said: “Your promoter never sent an offer. My promoter [Hearn] was the only one.”

Concluding the disagreement, Kambosos stated: “Check your “emails.”

“This is boring. Come back to me when you’re serious. No more Twitter talk. I’m starting my training session.”

Devin Haney
Al Powers


Somebody is telling porky pies as the chances of another undisputed fight in the sport disappear rapidly. It’s no secret that promoters DiBella and Hearn are not best buddies. But hopefully, this won’t harm getting the event over the line at some point.

Hearn already took to his channels to claim it’s not him who is fibbing. The Matchroom boss told Kambosos: “Let’s get it done.”

The ‘Ferocious’ one replied: “That’s right, Eddie Hearn no more Twitter talk. This Warrior doesn’t duck or dodge no man.

“You saw my eyes. You saw my performance. You saw me take everything off the lion in the lion’s dens first hand, ringside.

“So no more Twitter talk, only real talks where it matters.”

Getting Haney down under to Oz seems a mammoth and ambitious task for DiBella and Kambosos to undertake. Haney has fought exclusively in the United States and Mexico throughout his tenure.

Haney has also questioned why the fight has to take place in Kambosos backyard in the first place. However, promoter Hearn did state Haney has no problem traveling and adhering to all Covid rules.

It remains up in the air if a u-turn can happen. But as of now, the fight looks dead in the water.

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