Yordenis Ugas responds to unwarranted Manny Pacquiao victory criticism

Welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas felt compelled to respond when trolls belittled his victory over boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Ugas scored a decision win against the eight-weight ruler last year, ending the career of one of the best fighters of all time.

Pacquiao’s legend in the sport transcends into the celebrity domain. Much are the achievements of a tenure spanning over a quarter of a century.

Taking the WBA title following a ruling by the World Boxing Association, Ugas has always faced questions about how he got given the title.

Beating the ‘Pacman’ should have been enough to silence the doubters. But not as Ugas gave his observations on the criticism.


“Pacquiao vs. Thurman. PacMan threw 686 punches. In Pacquiao vs. Ugas, PacMan returned from one of his best performances of the last ten years, beating a unified champion.

“He threw 810 punches. More than 100 punches [more] he threw in our fight, unlike in his last fight. So what was the difference?”

The Cuban takes his job as a boxer and champion very seriously. This focus comes across in his willingness to engage and defend himself.

Before pointing out the Pacquiao vs. Thurman punch stats, Ugas said: “Thanks to everyone who supports and respects me.

“And thanks also to those who disrespect my career and underestimate me every day on this beautiful platform. They are the fuel to fuel my fire.”

Ryan Hafey


On April 16, Ugas gets the opportunity to prove his credentials once again when he trades blows with Errol Spence Jr.

A win against another top welterweight should be enough for the media to give Ugas his props. However, the fans are something entirely different.

Some may question Spence getting injured in a car wreck and then suffering an eye ailment that led to Pacquiao facing Ugas. Therefore, due to yet more unwarranted situations arising, Ugas will again have to defend himself.

It looks on the outside to be a no-win outcome for Ugas. But saying that, Ugas would own three title belts and have the best resume at 147 pounds.

He could then command a massive paycheck to battle Terence Crawford for all four belts. Ugas would undoubtedly be the winner then.

Boxing commentator Al Bernstein had it correct when he responded to the Ugas trolling.

Bernstein said: “No one should ever disrespect you.”

Correct Al.

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