Greed or Glory? – Purse split pursuit worth up to $20.7m for Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte

Mark Robinson

World Boxing News can reveal Dillian Whyte’s purse bid pursuit of the usual World Boxing Council split is worth another $9 million to the Briton.

Should Whyte successfully win his case to bump an 80-20 ordered split by the WBC for a fight with Tyson Fury to the standard 45%, ‘The BodySnatcher’ will take home over $16 million of the $37 million on offer.

The massive purse bid put forward by Frank Warren and Top Rank, a world record $41,025,000, sees Fury pocket the vast majority.

Whyte’s twenty percent is still worth a career-hight $7 million-plus to the interim champion. However, as the mandatory challenger, Whyte believes he should be entitled to the 45% figure, according to the WBC rules and regulations.

The WBC also reserves the right to alter the splits as they see fit. Therefore, it’s not sure that Whyte has a solid case from the off.

Everything will become more apparent after the arbitration as Whyte awaits news of a further potential windfall.

At present, the actual money on offer for the 80-20 split ruling is $36,922,500. The mammoth payday comes after ten percent got put in escrow for the winner as a bonus.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed this Thursday that they had received the fee. WBC chiefs escrowed the check for when the fight concludes.

“The WBC has received the 10% deposit as per our rules for the record-breaking purse bid of $41,025,000 for Furyvs Whyte.

“The next step is site and date confirmation. Then signed contracts by both fighters.”

Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte World Boxing Council


This total means outstanding means Whyte would stand to pocket $16,615,125 of the $36,922,500. It’s a lot to lose if you’re Dillian Whyte.

Plus, if he claims the winner bonus, that prize is bumped up to an eye-gouging $20,717,625 for the 33-year-old.

But since everything went down with the four-times delayed auction, Whyte has not responded to advances from the media.

It’s thought he’s either decided to stay quiet or just following the advice of his attorney. Either way, the arbitration will reveal more in the coming weeks.

Both fighters must produce a signed contract by the end of February to secure their purses, or the whole bid would be in jeopardy.

All seems to be resting on the outcome of the legal action. It will then be up to Whyte whether he accepts the twenty percent should he fail in his push for money.

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