Faux boxer Jake Paul, ranked 671 at cruiser, eyes world title in five fights

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley Pay Per View

Amanda Westcott

YouTuber Jake Paul has made unbelievable statements during his venture into hoodwinking fans to think he’s a boxer. This latest one takes the biscuit.

The vlogger, who is 5-0 against predominantly wrestlers and has never fought a bonafide boxer, seems to be on a crusade to delusion city.

Paul, 25, says he can win a world title in five fights despite being ranked 671 in the world out of just over one thousand fighters.

He’s also rated 125th in the United States at the cruiserweight limit from 193 competitors.

Now, I’m not sure if Jake Paul knows how boxing works, but you have to work your way through the ratings to get a world title shot.

That usually means winning an international title first. Paul would then need to gain a top fifteen ranking with one of the four sanctioning bodies.

However, he’s only 650 plus positions away from that – after all.

As always with ‘The Problem Child,’ though, he seems to believe the rules don’t apply to him. Even if one of the champions wanted to give him a shot, there’s no way in a million years he could earn a shot without facing someone at least in the top twenty.

And we all know what will happen if he does that against any professional cruiserweight. It’s goodnight from him.

Nonetheless, Paul spoke to ESPN to lay down his grand but flawed plan to dominate the sport before walking away as an undefeated hero.

“The sky is the limit for me right now,” Paul told ESPN. “If I want to accomplish something it’s all about me being able to do that.

“It’s about me making the commitment and putting in the work required to do that.

“But I think right now, going to 10-0 and being undefeated. Fighting some big names, making history, and maybe taking a world championship belt from somebody just to say I did it. Then retiring at 10-0.”

Jake Paul
Amanda Westcott

Honestly, if he manages to do any part of that without getting put through the canvas, I’ll apologize and tip my hat to him. But we all know that’s not going to happen.


A second blueprint for competing in MMA is highly doubtful for Paul despite flapping his gums on the matter.

“When I make my MMA debut, I could cut 20 pounds and do it at welterweight/170 pounds.

“That’s what all UFC fighters do, and many have destroyed their bodies and minds doing it.

“But I’m going do it at middleweight [185 pounds]. It’s health first. P.S. Conor [McGregor is] walking around at 190-pounds,” he pointed out.

I really cannot wait to see Jake Paul in his octagon debut, if only because that means his fictional boxing career would be over.

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