’15-year pros who aren’t good enough can’t complain about Jake Paul’

Eddie Hearn Jake Paul

Michelle Farsi

Eddie Hearn sparked controversy again this week with comments regarding professional boxers who complain about YouTubers in the sport.

The prominent vlogger in question is Jake Paul, who Hearn described as “a plonker” when using a UK term. Looking up the term, the US equivalent of a plonker is a ‘dork, bonehead, goof, or bozo.’

Hearn made yet another foot-in-mouth comment on those who criticize Paul for jumping the Pay Per View queue because many people click a button online to follow his every move.

“I think fighters, because of what they’ve sacrificed, sometimes hold it against Jake Paul and say, ‘Well, I’ve been grinding in the gym for 15 years!’

“Yeah, but you’re not good enough, and you haven’t built the profile that he has built,” said Hearn in an MMA Fighting comment he probably didn’t think about before spewing.

“Why shouldn’t he be allowed to do that? He puts in the work in the gym. He’s fallen in love with the sport, genuinely.

“I think he’s good for boxing. I think he brings a different kind of audience.”

Hearn did take it on the chin and admit his actions directly caused the disease that is YouTubers and other celebrities attempting to be boxers.

It’s no secret that Paul is far more than a “marmite” personality, to coin another British label. You either love him or hate him, the latter being the dominant force with boxing fans.

Nonetheless, Hearn keeps associating with the ‘influencer.’ We all know why – cold hard cash.

Due to his massive following on his platforms, Paul can sell. He generates money simply by association because most of his fans will buy anything he tells them to on any given day.

When Hearn took on Paul when no promoter would touch him with a bargepole for his exhibition debut, the Matchroom boss didn’t know he would create such a monster that polarized audiences into such contempt.

Eddie Hearn Jake Paul
Michelle Farsi


Eddie Hearn was jovial yet unapologetic as he promoted his first fight with the former child actor.

“I promoted his first fight two years ago, and I started this mess,” Hearn told MMA Fighting. “I put him in against a YouTuber.

“The best way I can describe Jake is, people say to me, ‘Do you like Jake Paul?’ And I say [for] Jake, the terminology is different in the UK.

“[He’s a] plonker. A grade-A plonker or dipstick. But I like him. I don’t mean that disrespectfully.

“Half the time, I think he’s on a wind-up. Do you know what I mean? Like, we were doing a media scrum today, and he was talking about fighting Canelo.

“I’m looking at him, going, ‘Are you just laughing inside?’ And I think it’s a little bit of both.”

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