Chris Eubank Jr blasts ‘joker’ Matt Macklin’s Sky scorecard, gets response

Chris Eubank Jr Matt Macklin scorecard

Chris Eubank Jr. blasted the scorecard of Matt Macklin on Saturday night as the Brighton man saw out a dominant win over Liam Williams.

Sitting Williams down on his pants more than once early on, Eubank then cruised to the end of the fight for a clear-cut points win.

Stating his desire ‘to punish’ Williams for trash talk in the build-up, Eubank didn’t do much for some of the rounds in question.

Nonetheless, he did more than enough to get the decision.

Macklin’s card looked a little closer than expected. This scenario led to Eubank asking whether the former middleweight contender turned Sky Sports commentator had something wrong with his eyesight.

“So, what did you think about the commentary on Saturday? I’m still scratching my head at Matt Macklin’s scorecard.

“I think Sky Sports need to buy this joker a pair of glasses before he talks about boxing again. Or maybe its just jealousy blinding him.

“Either way, pretty shocking,” said Eubank Jr.

It didn’t take long before Macklin aired his reasons why the cards were so tight despite the apparent gulf in class.

“I picked you to win. And I thought after those first four rounds, you were going to get the stoppage,” explained Macklin.

“I was baffled that you didn’t step on the gas and was happy to just coast. In my opinion, you threw away those middle rounds by doing so little!

“Looking the part doesn’t win rounds, punches landed does!”


At times, Chris Eubank Jr. tried to emulate his coach and mentor Roy Jones Jr. with his elusive movement and toying with Williams. It was a convincing win, but not what some fans like to see inside the ropes.

Hence, Macklin took some points away from Eubank as Williams tried to get inside and do his work.

But there is a firm argument that Eubank can be his downfall at times when being too degrading to his opponents.

In the end, the decision was the correct one. There is no long-lasting controversy. Eubank can move on, and undoubtedly so will Macklin.

Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook is next up on Sky Sports a week on Saturday from Manchester Arena. That’s before Josh Taylor rounds out a massive month for Sky Sports at the end of February.

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