Women’s boxing pros: impressive in battle and beyond

Claressa Shields

Lawrence Lustig

Endurance, physical and mental form, fitness, reflexes, adrenaline, and uncertainty come to mind when we hear the word boxing. These are the essential features of this thrilling sport. And from time to time, new stars emerge, shinning brighter than their rivals. 

Boxing has a long and rich history and has inspired many women worldwide. Let’s see who some of the rising stars in the women’s boxing world are and how this sport has influenced their lives.

Claressa Shields, 26, super-middleweight

Claressa Shields is a 26-year-old American boxer who started boxing at 11 and won her first Olympic gold medal at 17.

She grew up in a violent, impoverished city. She is a constant source of inspiration for other women, as she promotes community gatherings and other social activities.

She encourages other women constantly and notes how boxing has given her happiness and a chance to inspire other people with her confidence. 

She received the title of Women’s Fighter of the Year in 2018 and became the first four-belt boxing champion to hold titles in two categories in 2021.

Marlen Esparza, 32, flyweight

Marlen Esparza is a Mexican American boxer who qualified for the Olympics as an amateur. She has already collaborated with Nike, Coke, and many other brands.

She is a skilled fighter who enjoys experimenting with different combat methods in the ring. She moves quickly to escape blows as skillfully as possible in bouts, even if the blow’s strength has not yet reached the target level.

She won a match in India and a bronze medal in 2006. She lost a fight to Seniesa Estrada in 2019, but she won the WBC women’s flyweight title in 2021 after defeating Ibeth Zamora Silva. Recently, she was named the Top 100 Latina Powerhouse for her inspiring career, life, and ability to push forward against all odds. 

Chantelle Cameron, 30, super-lightweight

Chantelle was born in the city of Northampton in the United Kingdom. She has always inspired young people to participate in sports and has been a patron for neuroblastoma charity. Sports activities have influenced her direction and desire to participate in sports.

Chantelle began her career as a kickboxer first, but she quickly transitioned to boxing. She has a long list of victories under her belt. She has mentioned that intense fights motivate her to improve in the gym and give her best.

Christina Hammer, 31, super-middleweight

This boxer is originally from Kazakhstan but currently calls Dortmund, Germany home. She became interested in boxing only after participating in other sports, including running, football, and swimming. She urges people to participate in athletics and be outspoken for body positivity. 

She is also one of the first boxers to own a casino. She became a WBC ambassador by donating 5% of her earnings to a charity that provides boxing equipment to aspiring boxers.

Choi Hyun Mi, 31, super-featherweight

Originally from North Korea, Choi Hyun knows the feeling of aching hands. She had a passion for boxing as a child, which her teachers at school noted.

Choi began boxing at 11 and went to an elite group that trains young boxers preparing for the 2018 Olympics. She faced discrimination in South Korea because she came from another country, which only motivated her to keep training and improve.

In 2006, Choi joined the South Korean national team. In 2014, she went up to super featherweight and defended her championship eight times.

Unfortunately, sponsorship issues prevented her from continuing boxing in South Korea. Choi is currently training in the United States, where she hopes to become one of the best fighters in the world.

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These stories are incredibly motivating. These and many other female boxers worldwide keep influencing the next generation of female fighters and will continue inspiring them for years to come. They teach us that struggle and perseverance are some of the most beautiful virtues that a person can acquire by playing sports.