Who is Mairis Breidis and Why is He Obsessed with Jake Paul

Cruiserweight champion fake tattoo Mairis Briedis

Sports fans know very well that the world of boxing can sometimes be wild. Mostly thanks to eccentric individual boxers, but in some cases, the media has been known to play a huge role in stirring up drama as well.

Two of the most common forms that help stoke the flames are sports blogs and social media communities where boxing fans have built a massive infrastructure, often joined by the boxers themselves. Take the case of Mairis Breidis. In an absolutely crazy turn of events, it’s being reported that the Latvian is pretty obsessed with Jake Paul. Is there any proof of this? Well, he did make a tattoo with Jake’s name on his leg to start 2022.

King of the Cruiserweights Went Rogue

An ex-policeman, three-time cruiserweight world champion, a sportsbook favourite on sites like Betsafe Likmes in his home country, and a Latvian citizen decorated with the highest civilian order. Mairis lost only one fight in his career and has a track record of 20 wins by knockout. He was also the first Latvian to hold a world boxing title and is regarded as the world’s best active cruiserweight by several boxing authorities. It’s safe to say this man is a Latvian national hero. A nice guy from a small country. That’s why this thing with Jake Paul just doesn’t feel right for him. 

While in the beginning it sounded like it could be some kind of a controversial joke, Mairis is clearly serious about the whole thing. Specifically, Mairis published a photo on his Instagram profile with a new tattoo on his leg that says “Jake’s bad karma”. As you might expect, his followers were pretty confused by this. Anyone familiar with Jake Paul’s antics would probably expect something like this from him, but not from Mairis. After all, the YouTube star seems to be one of the most controversial figures on social media at this point. He even has a reputation for causing drama between popular YouTubers that results in real-life diss tracks being made! Perhaps this was Mairis’s unsuccessful (and late) attempt to join in the news about Paul getting a tattoo to mock Conor McGregor

The Fight That Will Never Happen

While it got people’s attention, Mairis’s sudden obsession with Jake Paul also attracted negative comments. Many fans, but also peers, commented how his chase for Paul is making him desperate and embarrassing. World champion chasing big-mouthed showman. Not exactly something a man of Mairis’s class should do. 

But Paul Logan is smart. He knows who to take, and who not to take. He’s no more than a Youtuber with a bit of talent for boxing, and he knows it. Of course, he’ll never accept the challenge from someone like Mairis. Why should he? He’s already winning just by the fact that a world champion is going to such extent to tattoo his name. 

“It’s Just Business”

Said McGregor while getting absolutely mauled by Dagestani bear Khabib. It was a moment of pure humbleness. A rare sight for McGregor, but genuine. You can’t fake that while holding for your dear life. And that’s all what it is. Business. Yes, these are athletes, and yes, they fight because they love to fight. But they also must pay the bills like the rest of us and maintain a certain lifestyle they’re used to. Taunting someone controversial as Jake Paul, in a similarly controversial fashion, is probably just an attempt of provoking a lucrative bout. He’s a clow, but he creates noise, and noise creates interest. That’s how you get big money fights, now more than ever before. Is it something a fighter of Mairis’s calibre should do? Probably not. But who are we to judge?