Amir Khan vs Kell Brook – What do the Bookmakers think?

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook

On Saturday February 19 at AO Arena in Manchester England, the culmination of a decade long rivalry between two of Britain’s most famous boxers, Amir Khan and Kell Brook will finally become reality.

The two will go head-to-head in a 149-pound catchweight showdown with 20,000 fans expected to be in attendance. The hype for this fight is extremely high, with tickets selling out in under ten minutes.

Khan told Sky Sports: “I think Kell Brook is very bitter and this is a good time for me to put the issue straight between us because he has always thought he is the better fighter than me. He’s always said he should have had the recognition that I had and believes that should have been him but, at the end of the day, my skills made me the name I am today.”

Brook said: “This is a real grudge match. There’s no love lost in this fight and we both don’t like each other. The fans and the pundits can’t split us and that shows how even this fight is going to be.” With interest for the fight so high, there will be plenty of opportunities to bet on the battle between the two men from the north of England, which people can do at the best US betting sites.

What’s the history between Khan and Brook?

Many boxing fans have said this fight is coming a few years too late. With both fighters at the twilight of their careers at age 35, they will be past their best but there is still one reason why this fight is can’t miss – the two men truly dislike each other. The pair first met when they were teenagers and were battling it out for a spot on the Olympic team. Khan won that battle, going to the 2004 Athens Olympics, where he won a silver medal as a Lightweight. At the press conference previewing the fight between Brook and Khan, Khan recalled those days gleefully, saying: “I used to school him in Olympic training camp, the trainers used to say ‘just go in and use one hand against him today!’ You will see on February 19 how I school and play with this guy, just like the early days.

Why is it I got picked for the Olympic team? Because I was schooling Kell Brook with one hand. I’d ask, ‘do you want the jab, left-hook or uppercut?’ and they’d say ‘just throw the jab’.” Not to be outdone, Brook was equally cutting with his words, saying: “I want to hit him right now. He’s lied about why he kept ducking me [for] so long. Hatred is a strong word but I despise him. I would have gone to my grave irritated and angry if I’d not smashed him to the ground.” 

Who’s the favourite?

Bookmakers are suggesting that the fight will be a close one, with Kell Brook having odds of 8/13 to win, Amir Khan having 6/4 odds of winning, and a draw being 16/1. That means the bookies are giving Brook 62% probability of winning. Brook, who has 42 fights and 39 wins, with 27 of those being knockouts will be looking to bounce back from his bitterly disappointing defeat to Terence Crawford for the WBO Welterweight Title in November 2020.

Khan too has lost to Crawford for the same title when he fought at Madison Square Garden in April 2019, and has been out of action since his defeat of Billy Dib in July 2019. Some experts are suggesting nearly three years away from boxing will leave Khan being the rustier of the two fighters, but that win over Dib showed he still possesses great knockout power, finishing the fight in the fourth round.

While at training camp, Khan said: “I have had a few sparring rounds with Crawford and done mitt work with BoMac. It’s back! I feel like I’m 25 or 26 again, at the peak of my career.I can’t see Brook beating me, I’m a better skilled fighter. I have been in with better opposition. I will keep calm, I won’t think too much, or get over-confident.

“But I know what to do. I have been in this position before. I’m glad Kell is taking it serious. We want to give the fans a massive fight. We will be fit and ready.” Khan is 9/2 to end the fight by knockout, while Brook is 11/8 on to knock out the Boltonian. 

What do the experts say?

The world’s top boxing experts have had their say on what will be a huge fight for fans of the sport. World-renowned promoter Frank Warren told British Boxing News (BBN): “I’ll watch it, it would have been lovely to have seen it five, six years ago.

“Instincts says Amir; I think his speed, if he’s still got some hand speed, which he will do, and if he can go in and out, I think for three or four rounds if Amir can get on top of Kell. He’s a smooth operator, Kell Brook, so it’s an intriguing fight, but I pick Amir to win, I think he might stop him. I think an accumulation of speed and power, Amir might do a job on Kell.” 

Boxing trainer Peter Sims told BBN: “It’s a strange fight for both at this stage in their careers and it probably should have taken place 5-6 years ago or at least pre pandemic. In my opinion, it’s who’s got what left. Brook has power and Khan has speed, I’m probably going towards Brook as timing and speed goes with age but from historical fights we know power remains. Prediction – Brook win by KO mid to late rounds once the pace slows.” 

Unbeaten Lightweight professional boxer Kofi Donker told BBN: “Finally it’s on! I think now with the fighters not as sharp as they once were, we will get a more entertaining fight than a few years ago. I see Khan’s hand speed and combination punching having him ahead going into the mid way point then somewhere after that Brook getting to him and stopping him inside the scheduled 12.”

With the experts not being able to pick a definitive winner, it’s clear the fight will be a close battle between the two legends of British boxing. One thing that is clear however, is fans tuning in on February 19 will be in for a treat.