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Home » Carlos Cuadras backs Moises Fuentes cause as donations rise

Carlos Cuadras backs Moises Fuentes cause as donations rise

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There is no doubt that the boxing family is supportive, caring, and united.

A few weeks ago, Carlos Cuadras, who this weekend will seek to become world champion for the second time when he faces Jesse Rodriguez, moved us by saying that this fight will not only be dedicated to his family, but also to his dear friend, Moi Fuentes.

Moi Fuentes suffered a KO defeat in October of last year in Cancun, which resulted in a blood clot on his brain. He underwent emergency surgery and was then transferred to Mexico City to receive care and rehabilitation.

Carlos Cuadras came to Martes de Café a few weeks ago to talk about his training camp towards his important fight this weekend.

He remembered his dear friend Moi, commenting that for months he had been looking for the best way to support him and his family. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

In this way, Cuadras concluded that he will donate the gloves that he uses in his next title fight to generate funds for the benefit of the Fuentes family.

In the next few days, the WBC will announce the mechanics with which the glove raffle will be held for the benefit of our beloved Moi Fuentes.

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