Floyd Mayweather ‘taught by masters’ – YouTube boxing coaches panned

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Boxing trainers attempting to learn the secrets of Floyd Mayweather from YouTube videos without gaining first-hand experience are getting panned by world-class fighters.

A new wave of wannabe coaches has erupted on the scene over the past five years, with professional boxing livelihoods and lives at their hands.

Boxers like Ashley Theophane and current trainers and ex-top contenders like Mickey Bey are disillusioned at where the sport is heading.

In the internet age, boxing gets opened up to exploitation, and not only from YouTubers themselves taking Pay Per View spots away from bonafide pros.

Even some coaches are reportedly hoodwinking boxers into thinking they possess world-class knowledge. This scenario is dangerous when those in question try to see a fighter through a tough fight safely.

Bey made his comments clear that nobody can replicate what Floyd Mayweather did as he learned from the best in uncle Roger Mayweather and his father, Floyd Sr.

Both men were top-quality boxers in their own right. This experience inside the ropes alone, which many trainers don’t have now, is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Outlining his view, which is hard to argue with, Bey said: “Floyd Sr. and Roger can’t [couldn’t] even work the internet they were taught first hand by masters.

“Floyd Jr. is not a mistake. He got crafted by masters,” added the former Mayweather Promotions fighter.

Theophane, who can undoubtedly boast of being a member of “The Money Team” and sparred Bey himself, responded: “Loads of these new age coaches learning off YouTube.

“Many can do mitt work. But don’t know the science and gems behind what they’re copying.”

Going even further, Bey pointed out: “They can’t even do mitt work. Lol, they try though. [They are] Playing with people’s lives.

“This is the only sport that you can walk up spit some game, and you are in a situation with no qualifications.”

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An admirer of the conversation then added their view.

“[Floyd Mayweather is] the blueprint. Unfortunately, younger fighters esteem the latter and not the former.

“They are not willing to do the work to be the best. But want the dressing that comes from the vapors of Floyd’s success. Tragic!”

Boxing is undoubtedly in a crisis of sorts as the internet dominates its inner workings.

Sadly, the days of making it to the top from sheer ability alone seem to be long gone.

It looks to be downhill from here.

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