World Boxing Council confirm 15 boxers for Clean Boxing Program

Mario Barrios

World Boxing Council chiefs revealed the names of fifteen boxers who have successfully entered their Clean Boxing Program.

Therefore, all of those named below will feature in the next round of the WBC Ratings.

Of the five fighters warned about their failure to enroll, Chris Billam Smith, Mauricio Lara, and Conor Benn remain missing from protocol completion.

Mario Barrios and Lee McGregor submitted their forms in time to get them noted.

The WBC said: “Complying with the protocols of the Clean Boxing Program and in other cases voluntarily, our ranked boxers complied one hundred percent with their CBP registration form.

“They are an example for all. The registration shows concern regarding the well-being and respect of our beloved sport.

“The WBC should note that Mario Barrios and Lee McGregor dropped out of the WBC rankings since until that moment we had not received their registration.

“However, they have now met this requirement. Both fighters will have the opportunity to be considered by the rating committee and return to the rankings.”

World Boxing Council Heavyweight

World Boxing Council Rankings re-enrolled:

Maricela Cornejo (USA) / Superwelterweight (Female) (Voluntary)
Alma Ibarra (Mexico) / Welterweight (Female)
Sabrina Maribel Pérez (Argentina) / Featherweight (Voluntary)
Yolis Marrugo Franco (Colombia) / Featherweight (Voluntary)
Adelaida Maria Ruiz (USA) / Superflyweight (Female)
Elvis Garcia (Mexico/USA) / Bridgerweight
Mansur Elsaev (Russia) / Lt. Heavyweight
Abel Ramos (USA) / Welterweight
Mario Barrios (USA) / Superlightweight
Jose Pedraza (Puerto Rico) / Superlightweight
Maxi Hughes (GB) / Lightweight
Michel Rivera (Dom. R.) / Lightweight
Joe Noynay (Phil) / Superfeatherweight
Lee McGregor (GB) / Bantamweight
Rudy Garcia (USA) / Superbantamweight (Voluntary)

They continued: “We should note that the priority of the WBC is to work on education. To work on awareness to help everyone involved in the sport learn the danger of using performance-enhancing substances (PED). PED’s eventually create significant problems in the health of athletes.

“Viewing the webinar, which is available on all WBC and CBP websites, is mandatory. It provides specific information on the risks and dangers of using these substances.

“The program is quite ambitious. Its main objective, apart from testing, is to educate athletes about the danger and disadvantages that doping can cause.

“As well as the penalties of testing positive for prohibited substances, in or out of competition.”

WBN understands that the three boxers whose names are missing from completion fully intend to get reinstated.

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