Some Of The Biggest Bets Placed In Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Fury Joshua

Boxing is among the most thrilling sports to bet on because of its one-on-one nature. It’s natural for someone to want to get a piece of the action by betting on what one believes will happen in the greatest mega-fights, given the publicity and money they create.

It’s a favorite pastime for many boxing fans to wager on the outcome of their favorite fights. One should look into trusted and reliable informational sites for the most up-to-date free boxing betting tips and analysis on the sport. When looking at Basketballinsiders collection of BetUS bonuses one can easily get an idea of the best bonuses to find when first signing up with a new site. Some bettors even go the extra mile, by placing wagers to elevate the experience of watching a boxing fight.

Here are some of the biggest bets in boxing :

When Curtis Woodhouse bet £4,000 

Boxing bets have been made with a lot of money, but there haven’t been many with as much flair as this one. English footballer and amateur boxer Curtis Woodhouse tried his hand at the sport in 2006, without prior knowledge of it. As a side note, it is said that the “Drillfield Destroyer” had staked £4,000 to become Britain’s next boxing champion at odds of 50:1.

At the close of the 2008-09 football season, Woodhouse, who believed he was in over 150 street brawls in his lifetime, won ten of his first eleven fights and chose exclusively to focus on boxing for the rest of the year. After three years, he got the british light-welterweight championship belt and  £250,000 with a £4,000 wager. Woodhouse claimed ” The story is that I put a £4,000 wager to earn the British championship with odds of 50/1. These rumors are unconfirmed, but the beers are on me tonight. “

£24,000 went to Tyson over Lewis

It was the most insane time of Mike Tyson’s life when he fought Lennox Lewis. He was briefly banned from the sport after the controversial second Tyson-Holyfield bout where Iron Mike was disqualified since he bit out of his opponent’s ear.

Experts, on the other hand, felt that Mike Tyson of the early 1990s was long gone, and Britain’s Lennox Lewis began as the pre-fight favorite. A single wager of £24,000 was put at 13:8 despite the line moving gradually in Tyson’s favor. Tyson would end up losing after getting KO’d at the 8th round and was unable to get up. Unfortunately for that bettor, there was no happy ending.

£50,000 bet placed on Carl Froch

A gambler in Hastings, England, is said to have placed the largest boxing wager a gambling site has ever accepted. The mystery bettor staked £50,000 on the fight between Carl Froch to beat Mikkel Kessler in the WBC super-middleweight belt in their first encounter at 11/10 odds. Kessler won the fight by unanimous decision after a grueling battle that many regarded him as a candidate for best fighter of the year. Undoubtedly, some thought the scoring was questionable, and Froch even stated that he would have won the fight if it had taken place in England rather than Kessler’s home Denmark.

£150,000 bet placed on Mayweather

PPV income and audience records were broken with Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, and the fight also boasts the highest single bet ever placed on a boxing bout by bookmaker William Hill. At 1:2 odds on Mayweather, an 80-year-old Northern Irishman bet £150,000 and might have walked away with $250,000 if the fight went his way. An estimated $10 million was wagered on the contest that night. Even if the majority of the audience was dissatisfied with Mayweather’s mostly defensive approach, there was surely at least one individual in Northern Ireland who was pleased when Mayweather was handed the win by decision.

Sports betting, particularly in the boxing arena, is on the increase. The most difficult part of becoming engaged is figuring out how to do it, but thanks to the abundance of information available online, both newcomers and seasoned players may learn more about the process and their odds of success.

$750,000 bet placed on Mayweather 

The greatest wager ever put on a boxing match was not made in a betting window. This time around the meeting was at the headquarters of the world’s leading boxing promoter, which has handled renowned boxers like Muhammad Ali and Oscar Hoya. To add to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s impressive record, they were in charge of organizing his fights from 1999 to 2002.

For the larger plan for his own image, Mayweather paid $750,000 (approximately 25% of the winnings of the fight) to Top Rank to cancel the contract with them because he wasn’t happy with the ratings his PPV fights were attracting. Whatever the opinion one may have of him, his financial acumen was worth the investment since he became one of the world’s wealthiest athletes.